Power Rangers Get Animated, and Awesome


With every childhood franchise under the sun being remade or rebooted, I’m surprised that no one has tried to reinvent Power Rangers yet. It seems like it will be coming, and when it does, I hope it looks something like that.

Animator Mike McCraw set to work on a series of short animated pieces showing the various colored Power Rangers kicking ass. The animation is freaking awesome, and I’d love to see a revamp like this. I actually think the show would work much better animation than live action, and could go from goofy to badass.

There are videos for the Black, Blue and Pink Rangers as well below. Red gets no love, but I suppose he was always a spotlight hog.

Black Ranger

Pink Ranger

Blue Ranger

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  1. Power Rangers has been reinvented every couple of years for the past 13 years or so man. The latest season is still airing.

    The chances of Power Rangers being anything but a live-action kid’s show are slim to none because of how the show is produced. Basically every shot you see of them in costume is footage from last year’s Super Sentai series. This keeps the show’s cost down and is basically the only reason it exists.

    There’s also this fan-film project that got funded (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1953801310/mmpr-a-mighty-morphin-power-rangers-fan-film) although a lot of the fans are reacting negatively to it including myself. We don’t want gritty, realistic, grimdark Power Rangers because that’s missing the point plus it doesn’t look all that good anyways.

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