A Cool Gallery of Movie and Video Game Themed Wall Clocks


Sort of like Kunu from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I don’t wear a watch and instead just check my cell phone if I need to know the time.  So, I’m not really into nice watches, which is convenient considering I don’t make that much money.  Clocks, on the other hand, are a different story, mostly because clocks can be used as aesthetic pieces and don’t necessarily have to be practical.

I did my best to find movie and video game themed wall clocks and composed what I found into a gallery.  On this Friday morning, hopefully these clocks will distract you enough so that you’ll stop staring at the one on your office wall, hoping that it speeds up to quitting time.

I find your tardiness disturbing:


Time for the hunt:


The ships of Star Wars:


The ships of Star Trek:


The evolution of Mario:


This one looks like it belongs in the Church of Pac-man:


A classy Scarface clock.  I think I saw this for sale in Times Square:


A retro kitchen Mega Man clock:


Of all the Nintendo games…


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  1. The Star Wars and Star Trek clocks are made using the exact model of clock I have in my computer room. I think I know what I’m going to do with it.

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