Why “Mirai” is a Must See Animated Film

Mirai is the name of a Japanese animated movie that came out in Japan in July of 2018 before seeing later releases in August in Australia, in September in New Zealand, towards the start of November in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and towards the end of November in the United States and Canada. On the whole, Mirai seems to have met with a positive response from both the critics and the consumers, so much so that it has managed to secure a nomination for the Oscar for the Best Animated Feature along with other nominations for other awards and accolades. As such, people might want to consider giving the movie a chance, particularly since the run-time is no more than 98 minutes.

What Happens in Mirai?

In short, Mirai is centered to a significant extent on the concept of sibling rivalry. The main character is a young boy named Kun, who lives in a very visually-striking house with his executive mother, his architect father turned stay-at-home dad, and his adorable family dog Yukko. On the whole, it is a pretty happy set of circumstances, which becomes disrupted when Kun’s parents bring home his baby sister Mirai, whose name means “future.” Unsurprisingly, this means that Kun’s parents focus their full attention on Mirai, which causes Kun to feel enormous resentment, so much so that he proceeds to lash out at Mirai, at his mother, and at his father.

Eventually, Kun starts experiencing fantasy sequences that see him meeting up with people that he shouldn’t be able to meet under normal circumstances. One example is a strange man who calls himself the prince of the household, who complains on and on about how he lost the parents’ attention when Kun was born. Something that eventually prompts Kun to realize that said individual is none other than Yukko turned into a human form. Other characters featured in the fantasy sequences range from Mirai from the future to Kun’s mother when she was still a young girl and even Kun’s great-grandfather when he was still a young man with a passion for motorcycles. However, the most surprising character is Kun’s own future self, who perhaps unsurprisingly, don’t exactly share his feelings in the present because of his very different perspective on things.

Bit by bit, the fantasy sequences serve to reconcile Kun with the new state of things. In Mirai, there is no epic struggle. Instead, the narrative is focused on Kun learning to accept the changed state of his household, which is something that millions and millions of people have gone through but perhaps that much more meaningful for it.

Why Should You Check Out Mirai?

There are various reasons that people should check out Mirai. For example, there are bound to be some people who are curious about the works that get nominated for the Oscars and other important movie awards. As a result, if they have a strong interest in animated movies, Mirai seems like something that they should check out sooner rather than latter. In contrast, others might see Mirai as a life-affirming story of sorts. After all, it features a young boy who is struggling with a sense of jealousy over the affections of his loved ones, which is something that most of us have experienced at some point in our lives. Due to this, when we see him overcome that sense of jealousy with some help, we think of how we have overcome this as well as other issues over the course of our own lives, thus putting us in a better state of mind about how far we have come as well as where we are still going in the times to come.

However, the single most important reason to check out Mirai is that it possesses a simple but nonetheless charm. Its source of conflict is common and its narrative methods are more than a little bit strange. Despite these things, Mirai is nonetheless narrated to us with remarkable skill, thus resulting in a likable movie with likable characters who resonate with our own thoughts and feelings. There is no guarantee that everyone who sees it will like it, but considering the response so far, there is a pretty good chance that those seeing it for the first time will respond positively as well.

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