Pokemon Game for Nintendo Switch: Update 2018

For the Pokemon game wicked fans, 2018 might be the year that marks the launch of this worldwide phenomenon on Nintendo Switch. Here is some hot new info about the exciting due to come an event that will thrill both Pokemon and Nintendo fans. As it looks, we could see the first version of Pokemon on Switch later this year.

Latest facts

Starting the first month this year, Nintendo’s latest revenue report forecasted the, yet unannounced, most waited game. The listing by Nintendo seems to indicate the release date to be somewhere around the end of the year, confirming what the market is already rumouring about. Being referred to in Nintendo’s earnings predictions covering this financial year, closing March 2019, it seems the Pokemon game is becoming a reality. But even so, very little is known about the game at this moment but it looks like we will hear about it pretty soon.

Pokemon Switch Possible Release

What we do know is that a new Pokemon game is about to be delivered to the Nintendo Switch. The release date is still unknown but it appears that the secretly kept date is supposed to be late 2018. The Pokemon game is being developed by Game Freak and the publisher is certainly Nintendo. The good news is that staffers’ had stated Nintendo’s hyping up the Pokemon franchise in 2018 and Game Freak has confirmed that a game developing is in progress. There is no confirmation yet about the predicted “2018 or later” release date. It’s really no surprise there as waiting for a big release of a long-awaited Pokemon game is as much exciting as playing free spins no deposit win real money.

Development and features of the Switch 

Whenever it will come to us, judging by the huge built-up and the fuss made by millions of fans across the globe, it is clear that we’re going to deal with the best Pokemon game yet created. A main-line game has not ever been released on a homelike console as they were exclusively designed for the hand-held devices. This is the part that makes everyone wonder. How will Nintendo handle the fact that the first Pokemon game was exclusively for mobile devices as they required movement in order to complete the tasks? Could we be talking about some VR involvement?

Another thing that really fuels fan’s theories about the new Pokemon game is the possible use of the Unreal Engine fourth version, which has already been successfully used to create games like Final Fantasy VII Remake, Tekken 7, Fortnite and Street Fighter V. Versatility is the engines’ strong point as well as compatibility with multiple platforms and the list includes Nintendo Switch. Moreover, the use of an Unreal engine will score for a good quality graphics than ever seen in a Pokemon game.

What are the fans waiting for?

All is good news and it feels like we are really going to see it and feel it soon enough but, what the Pokemon fans are expecting from this Pokemon game? What should the fresh platform bring to meet the fans expectancy? Here are basically top three demands:

A fresh and updated design –  considering that Game Freak seems to be mostly focused on innovating graphics and effects, this request has good chances to become reality;

A sequel of Pokemon Sun and Moon – the rather unfinished sensation that Sun and Moon story has left, might make out of it a good request.

Genuine noises for the Pokemon – is a rather legitimate demand and we all can agree that the mechanical-like noises are getting a bit weird.

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