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One more thing to add to your appreciation of the Dark Knight Rises trailer I posted earlier today. Some intrepid movie sleuth spotted something that had to have been an intentional throwback to Batman Begins, though I’m not sure if it will end up being of greater plot significance.

Catwoman, the master thief, has apparently lifted Bruce’s mother’s necklace. I thought it was stolen when they were mugged and killed, but perhaps it’s been floating around the underworld ever since.

Anyway, it’s a cool little catch I thought you’d appreciate. Also, go back and take a look at the “R” in the “ROGUES” sign during the football scene. I imagine you might already be able to guess what it looks like.

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  1. Apparently the 10,000 or so extra’s they got for the stadium shoot all had to bring their own costumes and signs and none were provided. Clever fan and nothing more if you believe that story.

  2. The necklace broke when the robber tried to take it. So it’s ‘just’ a pearl necklace. It might be a call-back or a trigger for Bruce, but it most certainly isn’t his mother’s necklace.

  3. While I do agree Nolan is the one person to do something like that, I also think it’s possible that this necklace has nothing to do with the one from the first movie. 99% of pearl necklaces look like that, with the pearls increasing in size as you get to the front-middle of the necklace.

  4. It most certainly IS his mother’s necklace. (I’m betting)

    Just because the necklace broke doesnt mean it can’t be fixed. He is a billionaire and probably would have kept a necklace of such importance. He seems like a person who doesn’t let go of things (i.e. wearing a cape jumping off rooftops)

  5. and what about the football player being named “Ward”? (aside from the possible Hines Ward cameo possibility)

    -Robin was bruce’s Ward
    – the actor playing robin alongside Adam West was nameD Burt Ward

  6. Joe Chill snatched and broke the pearls when he killed Bruce’s parents, they went flying everywhere and I think he and Alfred would’ve had bigger priorities than getting them repaired.

    AAND, Bruce is (seemingly) a partying billionaire, he would’ve definitely seen a pearl necklace since that night without going all angsty about it.

    I mean, sure, it would be a nifty throw back to BB to have them magically intact and have Selina steal them, triggering a vendetta against her from Bruce, but it would be a bit of a stretch.

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