10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo has always been at the forefront of making excellent gaming systems over the years. Most gamers have nothing but praise for this company’s products. Some of their products such as Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS have done very well in the market, leading them to become worthy competitors of popular gaming systems such as PlayStation and Xbox. To make the gaming experience more worthwhile, comfortable and convenient, Nintendo is back with another new gaming system that will blow away the mind of any gamer. The company intends to release into the market a new smaller and more portable product namely Nintendo Switch Lite. It will be launched on September 20, 2019, according to TechRadar. Here are several things that you probably do not know about this new product:

1. Its size

Nintendo has cut the size and the weight of Nintendo Switch Lite significantly. It is way smaller than its predecessors hence making it more portable. According to PC Magazine, the Nintendo Switch Lite will see a third of the original Switch’s weight and size sliced off. It will consequently weigh about 9.8 ounces in comparison to its 14.1 ounces predecessor, rendering it a solely handheld gaming system. Unlike its predecessors, Nintendo Switch Lite will not have a docked mode or any other means that can facilitate its video output on a TV screen. Though limited to handheld use, this gaming system will offer a portability convenience its predecessors could not provide. The feature is quite advantageous since you can play wherever, whenever and at wherever time you please.

2. Its features

Despite having a significantly reduced size, the Nintendo Switch Lite has some pretty cool features that make it a must-have system for any gamer. The system’s matte body is entirely made up of uninterrupted plastic but still retains the shape of the original Nintendo Switch. Its size is about 3.6 by 8.2 inches with a slimmer stature than the original Switch. It flaunts a 5.5 inch 720p very sensitive touch screen that has retained the high resolution of its predecessor. This system also has a very comfortable directional D-pad that significantly enhances your gaming experience. It further consists of attached double analog sticks with easy to use control buttons. The Nintendo Switch Lite has retained the super-sensitive motion detectors of the original Switch. It also has an accelerometer and a gyroscope tracker that keeps a tab of your tilts and swings. Nintendo has also incorporated NFC compatibility that enables you to use your Amiibos. The gaming system will come in three distinct colors, grey, yellow and turquoise.

3. Its price

In addition to significantly reducing the size and weight of the Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo has cut the cost of this new product. The price of the new system will be two-third the price of the original Nintendo Switch. In many stores, the price is expected to hover around $200. The product is considered cheaper and is expected to do well in the market.

4. Battery life

Cnet.com declares the Nintendo Switch Lite the king when it comes to retaining the charge. It flaunts a battery life of about 9 hours in comparison to the 6.5 hours of the original Switch. With this system, you can enjoy more game time without getting disrupted on account of low charge. As such, for your long travels, boredom will not kill you; you are sorted.

5. User-friendliness

Nintendo Switch Lite comes with simple features that make it so easy to handle that even kids will enjoy playing on it. The D-pad and the various buttons on it are very user-friendly such that anybody can navigate the device using the sensitive touch screen. The system’s features also offer high interactivity enabling you to be adequately engrossed in your game.

6. Game compatibility

Nintendo Switch Lite can support many games on the original Switch but is limited to only the ones that can support handheld mode. To connect to other types of games, you have to incur extra costs of buying compatible controllers which are sold independently. Furthermore, if you choose to connect by Joy-Con controllers, a charging device should be in your budget.

7. TV connectivity

One of the downsides of the Nintendo Switch Lite is its inability to connect to a TV. According to Stuff TV, it comes with no connection ports or cables to connect to a large screen. As such, its Joy-Con controllers are attached to its body, making it one complete and independent entity; it is what makes the game more portable than its predecessor.

8. Built-in controllers

As revealed on Nintendo’s official website, Nintendo Switch Lite comes with impressive built-in controllers that supplement the equally impressive D-pad control. Such controllers give the gaming experience a feel of flawlessness owing to the user’s increased ability to maneuver with ease. Moreover, with most controllers being inbuilt, the handheld aspect of the Nintendo Switch Lite is highlighted.

9. Multiplayer gaming experience

Nintendo Switch Lite allows up to seven players to engage in a multiplayer game together wherever they please. Players can hence wirelessly compete with each other in the same play but on different devices. Furthermore, the gaming system supports online face-offs meaning that you can compete with other gamers online in the same games. However, the players have to acquire the online Switch Membership and engage in games that are compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite.

10. Its shortcomings

Just like its predecessors, the Nintendo Switch Lite also comes with a good share of its flaws. First of all, its inability to connect to a bigger screen is very unfulfilling. Most gamers prefer to play their games on big screens to catch the whole thrill of the game. Furthermore, this system comes with a smaller screen than its predecessors. The Nintendo Switch Lite also only supports handheld games meaning gamers may lose out on their preferred games. It is disheartening finding out that your newly acquired device can not support your favorite game in the name of Nintendo Switch Lite.

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