The 10 Fastest Pokemon of All-Time


Pokemon stats aren’t perfect representations of what Pokemon can and can’t do. Still, they are presumably reflections of said capabilities. As such, a comparison of Pokemon stats is the easiest way to answer questions such as “Which Pokemon are the fastest?” that is available to us.

10. Dragapult

Pseudo-legendary Pokemon refer to third-evolution Pokemon that have a base stat total of 600. Generally speaking, each generation has one of these powerful Pokemon, with Generation III being unusual in that it had both Metagross and Salamence. Dragapult would be Generation VIII’s pseudo-legendary Pokemon, which is very unusual in a number of ways. For example, it is a ghost dragon that took clear inspiration from a prehistoric boomerang-headed amphibian called Diplocaulus. Simultaneously, it can launch its own pre-evolution Dreepy at its enemies from its horns as though undead missiles. On top of that, Dragapult is by far the fastest pseudo-legendary Pokemon at 142 base speed.

9. Zeraora

Legendary and Mythical Pokemon tend to be very formidable. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that there are a number of them on this list. The first would be Zeraora, which is a bipedal lightning cat that was introduced in Generation VII. Apparently, it is incapable of generating electricity on its own, meaning that it needs to gather it from external sources before storing it for its own use. However, Zeraora is quite adept at the use of electricity, as shown by how it can tear its opponents apart with electrified claws while moving fast enough to create thunderclaps and lightning flashes.

8. Accelgor

Shelmet is a Pokemon that protects itself using its knightly-looking shell. However, when its shell is stolen by Karrablast, it adapts by becoming the ninja-like Accelgor. This impression is further strengthened by how these Pokemon go around wrapped in layer after layer of a cloth-like membrane, which is critical because they don’t have their shell to protect them from dehydration anymore.

7. Zacian

If people are familiar with Generation VIII, chances are good that they are familiar with Zacian. After all, it is the mascot for Pokemon Sword, which should come as no surprise considering that it is the lupine Pokemon carrying a sword in its mouth. Zacian’s Crowned Sword form has a base speed of 148, which is more than enough to claim a spot on this list.

6. Electrode

Electrodes tend to be remembered for a couple of things. One, they look like Pokeballs, meaning that these Pokemon were a serious nuisance long before the introduction of Amoonguss in Generation V. Two, they love Explosion, so much so that it can be considered their signature move. Having said that, it is important to note that Electrodes have always been very fast-moving Pokemon. In fact, they have become even faster in more recent Generations, seeing as how their base speed was once 140 but is now 150.

5. Calyrex

Calyrex isn’t the most physically-impressive Pokemon. This is because it has a huge crown, which is bigger than the rest of its rather frail-looking body. However, it was once the king of a region based on Great Britain, so it makes sense that it can mount up to become much more threatening. The player can choose between Ice Rider Calyrex and Shadow Rider Calyrex. The first has low base speed, so much so that it is beaten even by the base form in this regard. In contrast, the second has one of the highest base speeds that can be found in the entire franchise.

4. Pheromosa

Ultra Beasts are extradimensional Pokemon. As a result, they can be very memorable-looking. In Pheromosa’s case, the easiest way to describe it would be a strangely-feminine-looking cockroach, which possesses incredible power in spite of its thin build. This is backed up by its base stats. Pheromosa can’t take a hit very well. However, anyone with sense wouldn’t be using it to take hits. After all, it comes with 151 base speed plus 137 base attack and 137 base special attack, meaning that it is a sweeper through and through.

3. Ninjask

Ninjask is a fun reminder that common Pokemon can still be very impressive in unexpected ways. In fact, it isn’t just a common Pokemon, it is one of those stereotypical Bug Pokemon that evolve at a very early level with lasting detriment to their base stats. For proof, look no further than the fact that Ninjask has a total base stat of 456, which is on the lower side of things. Still, it comes with a 160 base speed, which reflects in-setting descriptions of how people used to think it was invisible because it moved so fast that it couldn’t be seen. Amusingly, Ninjask’s co-evolution is a very notable Pokemon as well. For those who are curious, its pre-evolution is Nincada, which is based on a cicada nymph. Ninjask would be the cicada while its co-evolution Shedinja would be the shed husk of the cicada. The latter’s base stats are even worse, so much so that it has just a single HP. In exchange, Shedinja is just straight-up immune to damaging moves that aren’t super effective against it.

2. Deoxys

Deoxys is another Pokemon with unusual origins. It isn’t like the Ultra Beasts, which are extradimensional Pokemon. Instead, it is an extraterrestrial virus that underwent mutation, which explains why it has such a stereotypically-alien-like appearance. Besides this, Deoxys is notable for being very versatile. This is because it has three forms in addition to its normal form. Deoxys is extremely fast in three of its four forms, so much so that it could claim further spots on this list if that was allowed. However, its Speed form lives up to its name by coming with 180 base speed.

1. Regieleki

For a long time, the Legendary Giants consisted of four members. Three of them were golems made out of ice, rock, and steel. Meanwhile, the trio master was Regigigas, a continent-moving powerhouse that created the others in its own image. In Generation VIII, two more golems were introduced, with one being the Dragon-type Regidrago and the other being the Electric-type Regieleki. Said Pokemon possesses a fair amount of power, which makes sense for something that is supposed to be capable of generating enough electricity to power an entire region. However, its single most notable characteristic is that it possesses a base speed of 200, thus making it the fastest Pokemon in the franchise by a considerable margin.

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