Five Movies where One Actor has Five or More Roles

A while back our man Madison (who is no longer writing for us) wrote a piece on actors who played more than one role in a movie.   In the history of cinema this has been done many times.   Not all the time, but some of the time we’ll see one actor portray two different characters.   Most times it’s in a humorous fashion.

Even less we’ll see someone play a role 3 times in one film.   Four times is rare and five times?  Well that hasn’t happened all the much in the history of film.

But here are five movies in which you see the same actor in five or more parts.    The parts are all listed below each picture….

Thanks to Listal for the help here

The Play House -Buster Keaton

1. Audience
2. Mr. Brown
3. Stagehand,
4. Orchestra
5. Dance Troupe
..Every Member in the Audience
..All nine members of a minstrel

The Wizard of Oz – Frank Morgan

1. Professor Marvel,
2. The Gatekeeper,
3. The Carriage Driver,
4. The Guard
5. The Wizard of Oz

Kind Hearts and Coronets – Alec Guiness

1. Duke Etherel
2. The Banker
3. Reverend Lord Henry d’Ascoyne
4. General Lord Rufus D’Ascoyne
5. Admiral Horatio d’Ascoyne
6. Young Henry d’Ascoyne
7. Lady Agatha d’Ascoyne
8. Lord Ascoyne d’Ascoyne

Monty Python and the Holy Grail – John Cleese, Eric Idle, Michael Palin

1. Sir Lancelot the Brave
2. The Black Knight
3. Tim the Enchanter
4. Second Swallow-Savvy Guard
5. Peasant #3
6. Taunting French Guard

1. Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir Launcelot
2. Corpse Collector
3. Roger the Shrubber
4. Peasant #1
5. the First Swamp Castle Guard
6. Concorde
7. Brother Maynar

1. Sir Galahad the Pure
2. First Swallow-Savvy Guard
3. Dennis
4. Peasant #2
5. The King of Swamp Castle
6. Brother Maynard’s Brother
7. The Leader of The Knights who say NI!

*They also did multiple roles in Life of Brian and Meaning of Life

The Nutty Professor – Eddie Murphy

1. Professor Sherman Klump
2. Buddy Love
3. Lance Perkins
4. Cletus ‘Papa’ Klump
5. Anna Pearl ‘Mama’ Jensen Klump
6. Ida Mae ‘Granny’ Jensen
7. Ernie Klump, Sr.

Murphy also followed this up in The Klumps.



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