15 Beloved Childhood Characters As Villians

I have fond memories of my favorite childhood characters.  It usually brings a warm feeling to my heart.   So when you think about them in any negative kind of a light there’s definitely a taint that forms.

But while that taint is pretty negative, it can also be pretty funny.   Well, it’s funny when you can actually see what the taint is.  In this case some folks over at the forums in Something Awful decided to remake some childhood characters into villains.

The results are pretty funny….

Where’s Ringo Starr when you need him?

My Kind of Conductor


Jig Pig

Alvin and the Predators


The New Power Rangers

Evil Terrestrial

Mr. Wizard My Ass


Mary Child Murderer

Willy T-1000

Ghost Punchers

The Real Pee Wee

Pippy Predastocking

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