Movie Recommendation of the Week: Secret Admirer

Here’s yet another 80s movie that somehow got lost in the shuffle.  It stars one of the most prolific 80s actors, C. Thomas Howell and one of my favorite all time sexy actresses, Kelly Preston.   It’s called Secret Admirer.  I tell ya Preston sure had a great year in 1985.   She gets topless in Mischief and winds up being a girl of every guy’s dreams in this flick.  Plus there’s Lori Loughlin who might be one of my favorite sexy actresses of all time when she was young. Anyway, here’s the synopsis…

On the last day before summer vacations Michael receives a glowing, but anonymous, love-letter. He suspects, or better: hopes, it’s from Deborah, the girl he’s after since a while, but who dates college students only. However, she shows him the cold shoulder again.  So his and her best friend Toni advises him to write her an anonymous letter in return. However, these letters get in the wrong hands and cause lots of confusion in their families, until it’s revealed who wrote which letter to whom.

So you can imagine what kind of fun happens.   It’s your typical 80s cute movie with dumb lines and awesomely comedic 80s music and score.  Just one of those fun hour and a halves.

Trailer after the jump….


How could you not want to see this?   Impossible.

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