Obscure Movie Characters We Like: Kenneth From Can’t Buy Me Love

Courtney Gains

“You Shit on my House!”

In what is clearly one of the most memorable lines from any 80s classic, actor Courtney Gains is the man who uttered that famous line.  In the movie Can’t buy Me Love gains plays dorky friend Kenny who gets left in the dust by his pal Ronnie (played by Patrick Dempsey).  And in a ploy to win popular favor Ronnie throws a bag of doggy doo on Kenny’s house as a prank during mischief night.

Kenny is a classic dork character.  A guy who never gets chicks.  A dude who gets dissed by his best friend.  A man who desperately wants “in” but just can’t and will never get there.  Funny thing is that most of these guys wind up pretty successful but man do they look pathetic in high school.

But I just want to let all the Kenny’s out there know that things will be OK.  And we want to salute the originally Kenny.  Courtney Gains, wherever you are, you did a great job buddy.

Check out the infamous “shit on my house” line 


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