Movie Recommendation of the Week: No Retreat, No Surrender

I’d like to start off this small little post by making an apology to Jean Claude Van Damme.  Because while I’m a huge fan of his, somehow, in some way, this movie slipped my radar.  I never even bothered to do the IMDB search which is usually the first place I go when I want to see movies I haven’t seen of certain actors.

So the fact that I muffed up No Retreat, No Surrender is completely unacceptable.  That said, at least we’re here now right?  Anyway, here’s the plot for yet another 80s masterpiece.  Jason Stillwell, a Bruce Lee fan, is beaten numerous times and trains from the ghost of Lee. Jason then must use his newly acquired skills to save Seattle from a crime syndicate, whose top martial artist is the deadly Ivan.

You basically had me at “deadly Ivan.” Plus Van Damme is Ivan!  Check out the trailer after the jump….


Ivan! Ivan!

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  1. Wow! Talk about blast from the past! My friend and I must have tried to recreate the backflip kick training scene numerous times to obviously failed and hilarious results!!

  2. This movie, arguably, is the best “so bad its good” movie ever made. Theres a scene where the boom mic comes down into frame. Its phenomenal. This should be the movie recommendation every week.

  3. The song “Hold onto the vision” during the training montage is one of my FAVORITE songs to work out to. Seeing VD play a bad guy was fun. So glad he was the villain in Expendables 2…as VILAIN!!!

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