Movie Recommendation of the Week: Meatballs

I know for a fact that I’ve mentioned the character Meathead on this site before.   In fact I know I did in an article about an obscure alien we liked.   Hell I think I’ve even recommended the movie Meatballs II before.   But I never took a step back and recommended the original.

And for anyone who grew up in the late 60s and 70s, they can probably appreciate this movie as one of the classics.    It is an Ivan Reitman film and pretty much got Bill Murray’s film career off the ground.   There’s actually a plot out there that’s only one sentence that I happen to enjoy:  “Wacky hijinks of counselors and campers at a less-than-average summer camp.”   That about sums it up.

Put broadly, it’s a great summer camp movie and really one of the first of its kind.   It explores all that funny crap you see at summer camps like sex, lakes, competition, friends, ridiculous music, pranks, and all that other fun stuff.   It’s a must see.

Trailer after the jump…..


The music in this movie alone is worth a view.

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  1. I am proud to say that I actually still have somewhere the same space helmet he wore when he did the announcements. It was bought for me when I was a kid but when I saw him wearing it in the movie as I got a little older, I thought it was even better and refused to ever throw it away.

    For me, this movie really was the first time I saw Bill Murray and it’s him doing some of his best work. One of my favorite nostalgic movies I watch occasionally too. Unfortunately, I can’t say I was much of a fan of the sequel, even as a kid I didn’t really care for it as much as this one.

  2. Hey straenge can you tell me who made the space helmet? Meatballs is my dads favorite movie and he had the helmet when he was younger but it was thrown out. I really want to track it down and find one for him.

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