Debate of the Day: What’s a Movie Adaptation You Wish They’d Make?

It’s no secret that Hollywood’s idea tank is running on fumes at this point. They’re plucking films out of every book, TV show, video game, comic book, old movie, foreign movie and board game because they’ve simply lost their creative spark.

But not all adaptations are created equal. The fact is there is PLENTY of great original source material that could benefit from being turned into a film. That brings us to today’s question. What’s a movie adaptation you wish they’d actually make? This could be any story, be it on film or off, that you think deserves a modern movie treatment.

As you can see from the picture above, my ideal scenario is a new Star Wars film, and it could be one based on the already existing stories that populate the universe of the novels and games. I have always wanted to see a Shadows movie, but recently, I think that a Force Unleashed film would be quite amazing as well.

My picks are rather unlikely however, as George Lucas is bound and determined to let the new shitty trilogy be how we last remember him. I’m hoping you guys have a few more realistic suggestions based on movies, books or games you love. Let’s hear your ideas. What do you want adapted into a movie?

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  1. It’s sad that potentially good franchises like “Halo” or “Justice League” are stuck in… what’d they call it, development limbo? And instead we get Battleship.

    …A $&%#ing Battleship movie. Seriously.

  2. For about 10 years now my group of friends and I have been talking about an adaptation of the Wheel of Time books. Even before the Game of Thrones series came out we all thought that a series on HBO would be the best way to go about it. Now, after seeing how well they did with the Game of Thrones series, my desire to see that happen has increased dramatically.

  3. Shadows of the Empire would be a great one. Dash is one of my favorite Star Wars characters. Otherwise I’d like to see The Legend of Zelda. The fake trailer that was made a while back got me all excited and then disappointed. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Trigun adaptation, but then again that series was so good I think it’d be best left untouched. I guess Cowboy Bebop (if it ever happens) will be the gage for big screen anime renders.

  4. I kind of wish George Lucas would licence more work within the Star Wars universe.
    Some of the expanded universe books have amazing stories in them.

    God forbid a new Star Wars movie came out with actual writing or acting in it.
    Or maybe we could make a TV series about that small plot gap between Episode 5 and 6.

  5. A Star Wars EU would be great, the Yuuzhan Vong invasion (NJO) would be good, as it is unlike any other EU fiction. Though it may be a better TV show than film.

    Maybe some rendering of Dragon Age into a film, as the story and characters are there, it’s mainly the gameplay that suffers.

    I would like to see a film made of some books like Dan Abnett’s WH 40K ones Eisenhorn or Ravenor as they give a real feel of what the actual people in that world live like and it’s better than just rarr! Space Marines! Again. Gaunt’s Ghosts would be equally good. “Only in Death” would really make a good film, as he wrote it to be like a horror film in the first place.

  6. The Dark Tower. People say it’s would be impossibly expensive, but with technology these days, the right casting and a little foresight, I think it could be fantastic.

  7. I bet the Belgaraid could be made into some good movies. It’s been one of my favorite book series since I was in the 6th grade. I know it’s kind of vanilla fantasy but it’d work with the general public and it’s way better than the lord of the rings.

  8. Dark horse comics “Aliens: Stronghold”. Would be a fantastic story set in the aliens universe. I even thought of the celeb who could play the 3 main characters (well, 5 characters, but I can’t think of the best ones for Jerry or Dean).

  9. I’d really like to see some Fire Emblem movies. Specifically Blazing Sword (Eliwood’s path), Sword of Seals, or Path of Radiance.

    They tell a great narrative which I think could easily translate to a two-three hour movie.

  10. The Killing Joke? Psycho-est Joker that stays true to his insane logic… could be better than the Dark Knight if filmed properly.

    Belgariad is ok, but I’d really like a miniseries (heck, a full series) on The Wheel of Time. That is a good if lengthy read, so any adaptation would tick off the purists while introducing a new fantasy world beyond Middle Earth.

  11. Andrzej Sapkowskis “The Witcher”.

    If you played one of the video games (especially witcher 2, one of the best roleplaning games ever made) you will have a slight notion of what it would be like to see the white wolf with decent cast and budget brought to the silver screen. (please dont mention the amateurish polish straight to DVD thing that exists out there…)

    But if you have read the books, the best dark fantasy has to offer IMHO, you are crying for a film adaption every night anyways…

  12. The Dark Knight Returns. Preferably ultra stylized and by someone like Zack Snyder or Robert Rodriguez who has already adapted Frank Miller’s work. And I bet a bunch of people would hate it, even if it was a perfect translation.

  13. The Keys of the Kingdom Series, all seven of them:

    Mister Monday
    Grim Tuesday
    Drowned Wednesday
    Sir Thursday
    Lady Friday
    Superior Saturday
    Lord Sunday

    They would probably have to be brought to the screen through animation as it stars a teenager and the whole series in total spans 7 days. A simply amazing series.

    Other than that I would offer up Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, but only as a tv series due to the immense size of the book and the many years and dimensions it covers.

    Edit: Well wouldn’t you know. Turns out New Line Cinema is planning to make a bloody film out of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, I do hope they split it up into two parts otherwise I can see so much being missed out.

  14. Shaolin Cowboy

    one of the greatest comics ever, the series is just about a shaolin monk doing one crazy epic thing after another and it’s AWESOME… if it were made into a movie I would watch the hell out of it

  15. I’ve only read the first and fourth of Ted Dekker’s “Circle” series (Black, Red, White, Green), but I think it would be pretty neat as a different look at The Bible in fantasy in addition to The Chronicles of Narnia. “Black” I thought was pretty flatout amazing as coming of the apocalypse/ parallel universe type novel. It was the most interesting world ravaging virus piece of fiction I’ve ever read, and damn do Dekker’s descriptions of events and people tend to haunt one’s mind with suspence and suspicion throughout. The last one, “Green,” was enjoyable in full, but left me during a few parts kinda “meh.”

    I can’t remember the author, but both of the Joe Ledger books, “Patient Zero” and “The Dragon Factory,” were two of the awesomest sci-fi/”NCIS-ing” I have ever read (come to think of it I do remember something about maybe Fox or NBC licensing the books for a mini-series).

  16. I would LOVE to see the Necroscope books by Brian Lumley would be an awesome movie to get madeb but I think it would have to be done by Manga.

    And I would also like to see the Star Wars Yuzhaan Vong story bought to life but again I think it should be done in the same style as the Clone Wars TV series that is on at the moment.

  17. InFAMOUS. I want it to happen, but I know that if it did, it would be awful incarnate.
    A proper Eragon movie. The book was pretty good for a young author. The movie was even more cliche than the book.

  18. I know they’ve already made one, but I would love te inheritance cycle to be made, dragon offcourse would have to be remade, and this time I hope it would be worth a damn because they ruined the book last time it was turned onto the silver screen! I’d also like to see Michelle paver’s chronicals of ancient dark was made into a film! 🙂

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