10 Classic Action Movie Drinking Games that Might Get You Killed


There are some movies that feel like we’ve seen them at least 100 times.  And yet we keep watching them.  It’s almost a “secure” feeling when your flipping around the channels and a movie you know you love comes on.  But even I who loves watching some movies over and over can get a little tired of the repetitiveness.

So what do we do?  We find ways to make them interesting.  We find new things, little things, that we hadn’t before.  Perhaps a face, a new line, something that’ll keep us amused.

And sometimes we just flat out play games.  Drinking games and movies have become a huge part of our culture and I’ve managed to locate 10 involving action movies that I think you’ll find quite funny…and maybe useful!

Thanks to Lazydork for these

The Terminator


Drink when…

1. Anyone says “Connor”
2. A vehicle is damaged
3. There is a flash forward to the future
4. The film goes into Terminator vision
5. Anyone screams/yells
6. Anyone is physically injured

Die Hard

Die Hard

Drink when…

1. Anyone communicates via radio
2. Any terrorists’ name is said (Hans, Karl, etc)
3. There is an explosion
4. Glass breaks
5. John goes into the elevator shaft
6. Anyone goes up to the roof

Rocky IV


Drink When…

1. Anyone says “Apollo”
2. A country is mentioned by name
3. new training technique is shown
4. Anyone hits the mat
5. Anyone comments on Drago’s size
6. The robot appears

Point Break


Drink When…

1. Anyone says “Utah”
2. Anyone says “Bra”
3. Adrenalin or “the rush” is referred to
4. Anyone gets into a fight
5. Anyone dies
6. Anyone goes surfing
7. The ex-president masks are worn



Drink When…

1. Arnold puts his biceps into the frame
2. The Mini-Gun is fired. That’s Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s gun.
3. Predator shoots a laser
4. Someone dies.
5. A skinned or gutted body is shown
6. You see the Predator’s Camoflouge effect
7. Arnold curses uncomfortably.

Top Gun

Top Gun

Drink When…

1. Maverick does anything outside of regulations
2. Maverick acts up in class
3. Anyone sings
4. Anyone is shown flexing strangely while playing volleyball
5. Maverick and Goose get chewed out by anyone
6. Iceman and Maverick have a confrontation
7. A plane is shown taking off.



Drink When…

1. Matrix looks at his watch
2. Anyone says “Matrix”
3. The two main bad guys talk about Matrix
4. Cindy is anxious or scared
5. Matrix attempts to contact Gen. Kirby
6. Anyone dies or should die

Beverly Hills Cop

hills Cop

Drink When…

1. Axel laughs
2. Anyone says “Beverly Hills”
3. The movie’s theme music is played
4. Axel takes on a new persona
5. A gun is pulled out
6. The dead guy, Mikey, is referenced

Empire Strikes Back


Drink When….

1. Leia and Han bicker
2. The Millenium Falcon fails to go into hyperspeed
3. Luke fails a Jedi training task
4. Obi-Wan is shown or mentioned
5. The force is mentioned
6. A lightsaber is turned on or off
7. Anyone yells at or about C-3PO
8. The Dark Side is mentioned



Drink When

1. And only one. Any time the word “fuck” is used.

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  1. i played one with Pulp Fiction which involved taking a drink when;

    anyone says “fuck”
    someone uses or mentions drugs
    someone gets shot

    there were some others but i forget them.

    the worst of it though was there’d be a few scenes void of any of that, then one scene where they say fuck like 25 times (the bruce willis/missing watch scene comes to mind). so you go like 20 minutes without a drink, then you have to essentially chug 4 beers in/do 20 shots 5 minutes.

  2. I’ve got another one for you that my buddies and I made up when we lived together for the old “Batman” movie with Adam West:

    1) Drink anytime they have exactly the right gadget for the situation.
    2) Drink anytime something is labeled.
    3) Drink anytime Robin says something stupid or ridiculous.

    I believe we were wasted within a half hour…

  3. I played the Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Drinking game with Scarface rules. I basically drank for the whole first 10 minutes.

    Alos with Dazed & Confused drink everytime some one says “man.”

    Or Fargo, drink everytime someone says “ya.”

    I dont think it’s possible to finish any of these games.

  4. In Bruges:

    Drink anytime someone swears

    Drink when you see a midget

    Drink When there is blood or gore

    Drink when a gun is pointed or shot.

    Say goodbye to your liver.

    Love Actually:

    Drink when the word Love is used.

    Drink when people mention Christmas.

    Drink When someone says Britain or British.

    Say goodbye to your liver.

  5. @ steve: yea fuck is said a total of 265 times in pulp fiction. so i think that’s the only rule that is necessary. 207 in scarface.

  6. Bloodsport.
    -Drink everytime Van Damme does the splits.
    -Drink everytime Van Damme screams AAAAAAAAA!
    -Drink everytime someone gets punched in the nuts.
    -Drink everytime Chung Li gets over excited when people yell his name.
    – Drink everytime they play an 80’s training montage song.
    – Drink everytime someone sais Kumite.

    You will get pretty wasted by the end.

  7. not an action film, but the twilight and new moon drinking game could kill you
    drink whenever
    bella describes how amazing edward is
    Jacob is shirtless for no valid reason
    a vampire sparkles (bonus shot if they try to make it seem like something horrific and not gay)
    Bella’s face is devoid of emotion

    its usually easier to just hook a bottle of vodka to a drip in your arm and hope the pain soon goes away

  8. I think for any 80’s/Early 90’s Arnold movie you should drink everytime he makes a bad joke,

    “What happened to Sully?”
    “I had to let him go…”

  9. The Japanese movie “Wild Zero” has a drinking game as a special feature, with only 3 rules.

    Whenever someone combs their hair

    Whenever fire shoots out of anything

    Whenever someone says “Rock n’ Roll!!!!”

    Very few people have made it to the end of the film.

  10. Regarding Top Gun drinking game:

    My brother did a Top Gun drinking game once. We drank to all instances of swearing and here’s the kicker: we drank every time they sad a pilot’s “call sign”.

    This is a surefire way to hurt yourself. Be prepared to pause to catch up on your drinks. Hell the “You’re too low Cougar” sequence at the beginning itself is enough to put you on a liver replacement list of some sort.

  11. I thought of a generic drinking game that would work with most action movies, especially jackie chan movies or similar types of movies. First you must own one expensive piece of equipment, a keg and keg tap. Watch the movie with the keg full of beer, and drink continuously whenever the audio track of the movie contains English dialog. If you can’t finish the movie by the rules, it’s not really a “good” action movie, however if you can fill the keg with vodka and finish a movie fairly under these rules, it is a great action movie. For novices I would suggest a regular strength beer, most 3.9% beers are pretty similar so I just get whatever’s cheap, although some of them have some flavor additives like herbs and spices.

  12. For “Pirates of the Caribbean” (the first one):

    Drink any time someone says:

    1. Pirate

    2. Parlay

    3. Pearl.

    This works because these words keep getting repeated at the beginning of the film, so you’re nice and sloshed pretty quickly. For example, when Elizabeth is hiding in the closet and the two silly pirate guys find her, they all say “parlay” about six times in one minute. And girls like this movie, so it could be good for your social life….

  13. another one:


    1. Whenever the name “Rose” is used.
    2. Whenever the name “Jack” is used.

    You will probably be so drunk, that your neighbors will be able to smell you.

  14. Here is one that will surely get you a stomach pump :

    Watch a smurf video and drink every time they say “smurf”

    For the non drinkers try this game:

    Watch any movie with Keanu Reeves in and drink when he uses a different facial expression. I guarentee you’ll be sober.

  15. not an action movie, or even a movie, but i like to drink anytime there is a reference to yogurt or michael westen’s sunglasses on burn notice.

  16. For “The Lord Of The Rings”

    Drink when –

    Every time the ring is mentioned
    Every time the word darkness is mentioned
    Every time Theoden asserts authority
    Every time Aragorn thinks of Arwen
    Every time there’s a gay moment with Sam and Frodo
    Every time Frodo “dies”
    Every time Frodo makes a stupid face

  17. The Goonies Drinking Game:

    1. Drinking whenever someone says “you guys”.

    You’re guaranteed to be be drunk by or before the movie is halfway over.

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