This Short Film Was Somehow Not Created Using CGI

We all know what kind of super-creative work some digital artists are doing these days using CGI in movies. They can create scenes and characters that end up looking so realistic that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between the CGI footage and the real thing. For example, if you saw the last Fast and Furious movie, it was made after Paul Walker passed away in real life in a horrific car crash. Anybody who didn’t know that he was no longer with us would never know that his image was computer generated.

Club Palace

Yes, it’s a fact that the majority of filmmakers work exceptionally hard to make the CGI in their movies look like live action and not CGI. But, now along come some guys who are doing just the opposite. They’ve made an amazing short film called “Club Palace”. You probably haven’t heard of it because short films don’t garner the notoriety that big screen blockbusters with major star power do. The fact is, however, that this film is a star in its own right. It’s a small star to be sure but truly amazing, well, kind of like a shooting star.

A Surreal Short Film

What it does accomplish is all about curiosity, exploration, and being able to embrace the unknown. It’s an absolutely surreal short that features a really stunning set, which definitely looks like it has got to be CGI. No doubt about it. But, of course, it isn’t.

A Creative Collaboration

Club Palace has been brought to the screen by a creative agency called Caravane, which is based in Montreal. They collaborated with Camille Boyer, a very creative director, and Nik Mirus, who is a cinematographer extraordinaire. Together, they conjured up an amazing landscape that was designed for challenging our very perception of space and time. The team utilized practical effects and miniatures to trick the audience into thinking they’re watching CGI.

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