The 10 Most Powerful Female Superheroes

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some superheroes can become invisible, and some can fly faster than the speed of sound while wearing a cape, seen as a blur from the ground. Others appear as ordinary people, who keep their powers and abilities under wrap, or they don’t have superpowers at all.

Wonder Woman

Detective Comic’s Amazon princess, wielding a sword or not while whipping around her lasso of truth, and probably one of the most popular superheroines in history, part of the DC super trinity, which includes Superman and Batman, since the 1940s she has been a symbol of power, peace, hope and justice. Portrayed by Lynda Carter on her first live-action appearance in the hit 1970s television series, and recently portrayed by Gal Gadot, this particular superheroine is powerful enough to go against the Man of Steel himself, Superman.


Another DC comics creation, Batgirl has come in many various appearances though one of her greatest incarnations has been when she was the daughter of Batman’s very own police ally, Commissioner James Gordon before she was shot by the Joker. But although there have been various Batgirls since, including the vigilante Huntress, and the highly trained martial arts combatant trained to become an assassin Cassandra Cain, Barbara has never let her crippling injury get her down. As the Oracle, a computer genius, she is still a superhero.

Jessica Jones

A relative newcomer on the Marvel comics block, and originally a minor character at first, this tortured character has certainly graduated quickly from comic book character to angry TV character with her own show where she plays a super-powered private investigator. Her powers include the conventional super strength, extreme resilience, and she can jump quite high. She has forged relationships with other Marvel characters such as Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, and she has the potential to go even further.

Black Widow

Although not possessing any superpowers, which is unusual in the Marvel comics where mutants are being born with the ability to fly, control the weather, or there are gods, scientists are exposed to radiation and become a superstrong green giant when angry, Black Widow should not be dismissed.

This Avengers character is more than capable of going toe to toe with some of her greatest foes. On top of that, she is a trained and professional spy! In the Marvel comics, there have been several characters taking on the Black Widow moniker, but Natasha Romanoff is the most well known. In the comics, she has been subjected to a process which has made her immune to ageing, and she is more agile than an Olympic athlete!


Black Widow’s alien counterpart in the Marvel comics universe, an alien who was raised to be a weapon. Portrayed by the talented Zoe Saldana in the 2014 film Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora is the last of her race and is the daughter to Thanos, who decided to train her as a weapon and showed her little kindness along the way, and is highly proficient in martial arts. Raped when she was outnumbered, Gamora has become even more deadly because of the cybernetic augmentation she has undergone.

The Wasp

Another of Marvel’s superheroines, the Wasp is unique on this list because she has the power to shrink and grow! In the movies, the character has a genius-level intellect, and even when she is tiny she still has access to her full-body size’s strength and durability. In the comics, she has the power to generate blasts from her own bio-electricity. She is definitely one of the most powerful female superheroes.

Kitty Pryde

One of Marvel comics X-Men, a group of mutant superheroes struggling to gain the trust in a world where ordinary humans lash out against all mutants and see them as unnatural and attack them whenever their powers get out of control, Kitty Pryde is capable of phasing through objects, and becoming intangible. One of the youngest X-Men, she has changed her codename more than once, being Sprite or Ariel, but is now known primarily as Shadowcat, an identity she is now known as. First seen in X-men The Last Stand and portrayed by Ellen Page, in her second movie X-Men: Days of Future’s past, Kitty Pryde was capable of facilitating time travel.


Another member of the X-Men with the power to remove memories, and anything else from anyone she meets. It’s not a power that’s particularly something she likes, and she considers it to be a curse. As a result, Rogue has taken to limiting anyone’s contact with her skin. In the first X-Men movie shown, Rogue’s first scene showed her kissing a guy, and she knocked him out for some time. In the first movie, Rogue had problems with her powers but she grew as a person.


Marvel’s mutants have all kinds of powers, but Storm is in a class all of her own with her ability to control the weather! First appearing in 1975, Storm is apparently virtually considered god-like. Indeed, her ancestry is full of sorceresses and priestesses, and in the comics, she has the potential to channel and use magic herself. An expert thief and hand to hand combatant, Storm is capable of holding her own in a fight that doesn’t necessarily need to rely on her powers to get herself out of trouble making her truly versatile.

Super Girl

Since this list began with two DC characters, it is only fitting we finish with another DC character. Like Batgirl, there have been several different versions of Supergirl, who is commonly known as the cousin of Superman, and therefore has much the same powers he has – super strength, flight, x-ray vision, and indestructibility powered the yellow sun of our solar system. The most recent live-action version of the character, played by the actress Michelle Benoist, has been well received by fans that happens to be true to the comic-book incarnation of the character.

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