I Don’t Understand People

Possible theories:

– This isn’t real. God I hope that’s washable.

– This was done as a joke that will be funny the first time only and never again.

– It was drawn by his child before he died in a car accident. If it’s a living child, that’s not enough to justify it.

– He has really poor vision and thinks it’s awesome.

– He has good vision and is just an idiot.

Unfortunately, number five would appear to be the likely answer. You should see the Rogue and Magneto he has on his ass. (Joking, but maybe…)

[via Geekologie]

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  1. Oh wow, that is definitely the worst tattoo I’ve seen on this site, and you’ve had a lot of them. Sure, Avatar tattoo guy may be weirder, but at least each of the grotesque faces on his body looked semi-legit.

    It looks like this guy was right handed and drew the tattoo on his right arm using his left hand. When he was 4. Before he started taking his crazy pills.

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