Bane Arm Wrestles Venom


From artist Andy Timm comes a print showing two of comics’ greatest villains arm wrestling for ultimate bragging rights. In the left corner, the juiced up, masked madman Bane, in the other, the snarling, alien symbiote, Venom. Who would win? I’d go with Venom, but Bane would put up one hell of a fight. And then the Hulk behind them would crush either of them.

But that’s not all there it to this piece. As you can see above, what we have is the movie versions of each of these characters, in addition to the central two of Bane and Venom, there’s Batman, Wolverine and Spider-man in their movie looks.

There’s actually an alternate version of the painting that has all five of these characters in their more traditional comic costumes, and you can see that below. It’s a neat little touch that shows how the characters have changed from page to film.


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  1. Cool pictures but having Hulk in the background kind of spoils it for me a bit. We all know he would trounce either Bane or Venom in an arm wrestling match.

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