“MOOOM, They’re Not Dolls, They’re Action Figures, Okay?”


Just what the hell are you looking at here? Why that would be a collection of roughly eighty billion Star Wars figures, which I actually think features more characters than the actual movies had in them. The dude could man a 1/12th size Death Star with that compliment of Stormtroopers alone!

I’ve always wondered what inspires people to collect things to such a degree. I topped out at about 300 assorted X-Men, JLA and Avengers figures, WHEN I WAS TEN, and tbey’re all messed up due to the fact that I was repeatedly slamming them into each other. I also have a binder full of every Pokemon card in pristine condition from the first three sets released, but again, this was the better part of a decade ago…..except for that pack I bought last week because I was curious.

There are a ton more pictures of the details of this collection, which you can find here. Good God.

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  1. “Why that would be a collection of roughly eighty billion Star Wars figures”

    Even at 1 dollar a piece, well… thats more billings than major corporations.

    Crap figure. Maybe a few thousand tops. Math fail.

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