Memorable Moments in TV: Dexter Season 4 Finale


As you know we’re tremendously big fans of Dexter on this website.  And while I think this season was probably the most disappointing, the show always makes up for it in the end.   And now at least we’re set up for what appears to be an amazing unraveling next 1-2 seasons.

But frankly, Season 4 will always take the cake as far as finales go.  Seriously, I still get goosebumps watching this moment.  It’s been about a year since I’ve seen it and I’m pretty sure it’ll get me every single time.

In fact I’ll go as far to say this may have been the best finale of any show ever.   Yup, I said it.

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  1. I guess this would be spoilery if you didn’t just watch that clip and have missed out on this episode from two years ago…

    Before I started watching Dexter (never had showtime, and ignored my friends telling me how awesome it was), I was reading through a list on the webs called “The Most WTF TV Character Deaths” and Rita was on there. So when my wife and I started watching (finally), I kept my mouth shut. It was very interesting watching the entire series knowing whatever development might occur with this character, she was eventually going to end up dead in a bathtub.

    I managed to keep it from my wife, saying only: “I know something that’s going to happen on this show that I wish I didn’t know, but I’m going to let you find out when we get to that episode.” I made sure to tell our friends that she was in the dark and not to blab about it (season 5 was midway at this point).

    We powered through the first four seasons, sometimes watching 3 episodes a night. Watching that season finale was still intense. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I was excited to see how my wife would react…and was even more excited to say “THAT’S WHAT I KNEW THE WHOLE TIME WE’VE BEEN WATCHING THIS SHOW!”

    Very intense stuff…and I cannot think of a better TV season finale either.

  2. Ian: I had the exact same problem. I saw that list a few days before seeing that episode and was so pissed.
    But I think Six Feet Under’s series finale (the last 10 minutes) was better than Dexter’s season 4 finale.

  3. Season 4 is also my favorite season by far. John Lithgow was great as the Trinity Killer. I only knew him from 3rd rock from the show, so I was very surprised with his excellent performance.

    The only episode I can think of that was equally impressive is an episode from E.R. Though it wasn’t even a season finale. It’s the episode where Carter gets stabbed. Then, when he’s lying on the floor, he sees Lucy dying. Best cliffhanger ever.

  4. @deafpony I do agree that Six Feet had a great overall series finale (probably the best I can think of)…that’s about as much resolution as you can get out of a finale. It really does a good job of wrapping things up.

    But as far as a season finale goes (splitting hairs perhaps), you want something that’s going to leave you craving nothing but the next season. Season 4 of Dexter is one of those that made me thankful I was behind the curve and had the next episode ready to watch. I would have hated having to wait 9 months for resolution from that.

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