A Gallery of Chinese Knock-Off Toys

Oh China, you so silly, stealing our intellectual property.

But you know? I don’t really feel bad. If you have to resort to these kind of bootleg toys, you probably couldn’t afford the real versions anyway. And plus, some of these are just downright hilarious, and the world is better off that they exist.

Check out the full gallery below (via Izismile) and try to understand why they call Pikachu “Monica”  over there.

Middle click to open each picture quickly in a new tab.

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  1. LOL! I have a buddy who used to live in Thailand, and he’d send me pix every now and then of knock-offs he’d see on the streets over yonder.

  2. These images just make me sad. You know, as a child, my parents had NO IDEA what was called what I liked (Cartoons, Video Games…), so if it was now, I’m pretty sure they would have bought me the Chinese Pokemon set.

  3. Funny thing is… these pictures actually make me feel Nostalgic. I grew up in Manila and when I was a kid there was this place our grandparents used to bring us to buy toys.

    It was a warehouse sized store that was called “Plastic City” and it was filled with toys like these. It reminds me of the days when children were happy with simple toys.

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