That Guy Actor of the Week: Clifton Collins Jr.

By looking at this guy and seeing the characters he’s played you’d never know his name was Clifton Collins Jr. Honestly I don’t care how stereotyped that sounds but let’s face it.  The majority of Clifton’s characters have been of Latino descent not to mention he’s used an accent in quite a few of his roles.

Oh yeah,  he also has Spanish and Mexican grand parents so it’s not like I’m coming out of nowhere with this.  Anyway, there’s never been a role that Collins Jr. has played that I didn’t like him in.   I particularly enjoyed him as the assassin Francisco Flores in Traffic as well as Jimmy Ortega in Price of Glory.

But all told, Collins Jr. has got 87 titles and he’s still going strong.  Here’s a clip of him as Flores after the jump….


This is a montage of his character in Traffic.

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  1. I never even knew his name until i saw this today. But, I was thinking you are right. I have never seen him in something that I can remember not liking(although I can’t really remember anything he has been in).

  2. He actually changed his name too. He originally went under the name Clifton Gonzales Gonzales for the movie “The Stoned Age” (which was awesome and he played the fantastic Tak who had some lines I still quote to this day). I wonder if IMDB has these titles under the name Clifton Collins Jr. or if there is a seperate page for the other name?

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