Sense of Right Alliance: The Ultimate Knockoff Superhero Team

sense of right

Alright China, let me get this straight (I’m assuming this is Chinese, because seriously, who else?)

Your superhero roster for your ultimate team, the “Sense of Right Alliance,” is as follows:

– Superman

– Batman (Okay so far)

– Spider-Man (hop universes!)

– The Fantastic Four

– Power Rangers (uh…)

– The Ninja Turtles (cowabung!a)

– The Incredibles (come on now)

– Shrek (I guess he’s…strong?)

– Lightning McQueen (why not Buzz Lightyear while you’re at it?).

To sum up, what you’ve created her is unspeakably…


Check out another shot of some of the team members below:

sense of right2

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