That Guy Actor of the Week: We’ll Remember Brion James

I was just watching the movie The Fifth Element the other day and realized that we never covered Brion James.    Granted James passed away before this site ever existed but I always enjoyed James in every single movie I ever saw him in.

He almost reminded me of a pro wrestler.  From his appearances in 48 hrs to Tango and Cash and even into his TV parts, James always seemed to nail his role.   Unfortunately James passed away in 1999 due to a heart attack at the early age of 54.

However, I wanted to make sure we acknowledged him on this site.  A clip of James after the jump….

Interesting interview on his take on Blade Runner. James definitely didn’t shy away from using certain words.

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  1. For the ones who have a soft spot for Brion James such as Nattyb and myself, check out the goofy little jewel that is “Crimewave” (1985).
    The movie was directed by Sam Raimi and written by the Cohen Brothers (yes, you read correctly), Brion James and Paul L. Smith (the evil prison warden from Midnight Express) are fantastic in it… and Bruce Campbell makes an appearance too!

  2. You shut your whore mouth jaromir! The man is a national treasure. Though you guys failed to mention, the greatest single cinematic feature since “Citizen Kane” that Brion James was in, “Cabin Boy”

    That film inspired me to serve in the Navy for six years. Though I was disappointed that I did not get the chance to clean the pipes of a six armed island chick.

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