A Gallery of Original Dragons that Rules


There’s just something incredibly cool about dragons.  And I know I’m not the only one who thinks so.  I mean how could a dragon not be cool?  It’s essentially a prehistoric looking lizard that breathes fire.  It’s why dragons have been featured in books and movies for hundreds of years.   What’s even more interesting is the fact that dragons can essentially wipe out the earth if they were real and yet people just love them (me included).

The only movie to ever truly portray this in a somewhat realistic way was Reign of Fire (which wasn’t that bad).  I don’t know.   Is it lizards people like?  I mean I dig alligators and dinosaurs big time.  While I try and figure this out I’ve dug up some incredible pieces of original dragons that I’m sure you are going to love.  These all come from Deviantart and each photo is linked to its respective artist.


Blue Dragon


Black Dragon


Undead Dragon


Final Fantasy Dragon


Of Blue


Blue Crystal Dragon


Forest Dragon


Under a Heavy Storm


Domine Non Es Dignus




Dragon Firespell


The Caress of Frost


Mountain Dragon


Breath of Fire


Dragon’s Breath


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