Memorable Moments in TV: Magic Johnson’s HIV Announcement


Very rarely do we bring up influential real moments in television.  Usually we focus on subjects like a TV finale or some crazy event that changed the shape of a show or a movie.   But once in a while I think it’s important to share a video of something that actually impacted and changed an entire way of life.

When Magic Johnson announced that he had HIV, not only did it change the basketball world, it changed the entire world.   It was the first time that a major athlete came out about having this horrible condition that leads to AIDS.    But in a sense it was a great thing.

It created awareness.  It changed the way the public saw the disease.  And the future after that day changed forever.   From research to money put into finding a cure, to the overall shock that the world had, within minutes after the announcement the approach to HIV took on a new life.

And today, while HIV is still a horrible problem and the numbers continue to rise, without Magic Johnson courageously stepping up that day, there’s no way we’d be as far along today as we are with trying to combat the disease.

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  1. He’s more than positive; he’s HIV positive. Man, that was devastating for me as a Lakers fan who grew up idolizing Magic. He could have had another ten years of awesome. I’m glad he got through it, though. Didn’t need another Freddy Mercury or Eazy E loss on our hands.

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