Memorable Moments in Movies: Jimmy Chitwood Says “I’ll Make It” in Hoosiers


I’ll start off this post by saying “yes, this is clearly a spoiler” so don’t even bother clicking play if you haven’t seen the movie Hoosiers.   If you have then I guarantee you that this will give you goosebumps.   I mean anyone that’s ever played a sport can appreciate a scene like this.

I swear when he says “I’ll make it” I nearly get tears in my eyes every single time.   And the fact that coach Dale changes the entire play because he knows Chitwood’s gonna sink the shot is amazing.   What a great scene.

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  1. i’ve lived in Indiana for the past 5 years and just saw this for the first time about a month ago… I think I’m one of the only people in this state that didn’t really care for the movie. It’s possible that I’ve broken several state laws by making this point known and could end up in prison.

    anyway, i thought it was just a standard-fare, underdog sports drama with nothing too special beyond that to offer. I’ll admit that I’m not particularly fond of the underdog sports drama genre to begin with, as they all seem to follow essentially the same predictable arc and narrative.

    The one sports drama film that I really love is Blue Chips.

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