Memorable Moments in Movies: Can’t Buy Me Love Classic African Anteater Ritual Dance Scene

I’ll most certainly be putting Can’t Buy Me Love up at a movie recommendation as soon as I get the chance.    But this video goes out to the huge number of people in my generation who already know the movie backwards and forwards.   You’ll also know that this dance scene has to be put way up there with the more classic dance scenes of cheesy 80s movies.

Our star, Patrick Dempsey gets the entire school to do a dance he thinks is from American Bandstand but is really called the African Anteater ritual.   Nicely done Ronnie!

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  1. Whenever I think of Can’t Buy Me Love I think of that line from Community… “Can’t Buy Me Love is the remake of Love Don’t Cost A Thing for white audiences.” lol

    I know it’s reversed. That’s the joke. *saves comments

  2. The first movie I ever “went to” with a girl was to an Saturday matinee dollar movie screening of “Can’t Buy Me Love.” I was in 8th grade, my mom dropped me and my friend off, and we met this girl I liked and her friend. I was even gentleman enough to pay for her ticket! And brave enough to hold her hand during the movie! Ah, nostalgia.

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