DC’s Imaginary Superhero Film Roster

What happens when DC finally runs out of A-list superheroes to make movies about? Superman, Batman and Green Lantern have been done. Wonder Woman and The Flash can’t be far away. What happens when there’s not one. Good. Hero. Left?

Well, they’ll dip into their lesser known stable of superpowered beings. Many have played second fiddle to the big boys for some time, but now with Hollywood’s creative bankruptcy in full effect, they’ll have their moment to shine.

These faux movie posters were created as part of a contest over at Super Punch, and you can see some of the other selections below.

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  1. Why Marvel is better than DC. Batman, Superman, Watchmen & to a lesser extent Green Lantern are their only decent storylines and they have ridden those coat-tails ever since. Watchmen being their only “recent” success. Too limited of a scope with just a butt tone of filler titles. Let the trolling begin…

  2. If they are gonna do a Catwoman movie, why not a harley quinn movie. Shes easily the most interesting female villian, her relationship with the joker and how she fell in love are some of the best parts of batman tas.

  3. @ HarshReality – How about Sandman? Hellblazer? Animal Man? Suicide Squad and Secret Six? You have to look harder.

    There WILL be a movie with Darkseid someday, I guarantee it. If they ever do a JLA movie that’s probably the one. I could see a Captain Marvel movie, or even a Martian Manhunter film materializing sometime – kind of like Darkman meets ET meets The Maltese Falcon.

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