Maybe Pokemon Hasn’t Changed All that Much After All

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Though I cover Pokemon a lot on the site here, the truth is that I haven’t picked up one of the games since Gold/Silver like, ten years ago. Now that I own a 3DS (thanks Nintendo!), I will probably pick up the next title when it comes out for the system (is one out?), and see what I’ve been missing.

Now that there’s 10,000 or so Pokemon and they’re all different genders and have different moods and all sorts of shit, I’m a bit worried I’ll be lost when I try to get back into it. But thanks to this handy chart, I can see that not all that much has changed about the game over the years. Glad to see the “worthless piece of trash” category is still going strong. But what did they do to Zubat???


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  1. Its more or less the same thing, the moods and stuff are only for the hardcoreplayers of pokemon and you wont even notice there effect on a regular run through of the game.

    The next game that is coming out is pokemon black and white 2

    And as for zubat changing, its because pokemon went to a whole new continent where supposedly the same species of pokemon couldnt possibly live there. Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, and sinnoh are all more or less connected

    Ihssu(or Unova as its called in america) is situated somewhere else and is actually supposed to be styalized around america and stuff like that.

    And they added ALOT to the useless bunch of pokemon

  2. I do have to ask why Lugia, Ho-oh (GOLD/SILVER), Mewtwo (RED/BLUE/YELLOW) and a few other LEGENDARY Pokemon aren’t listed here. And the Worthless POS list can still be trained to a decent Lv with decent moves if you feel like it.

  3. Almost all of 5th gen pays homage to one of the original 150, they did that on purpose, fun for old fans, but sill fresh and new, black and white 2 come out in just a couple weeks!

  4. i never evolved beyond the gameboy advance sp… i used to have all of the games at least back when gold and silver were still new. sadly the batteries died in gold and silver and red got soaked. i still play blue and gold though…oh and fire red too…once i can afford to blow some money though i will reclaim gold and silver…i gotta say i liked those the best

  5. Well.. The platinum one is wrong in the fact that the legendary trio had no plot significance… They did… They help you fight Team Galactic after they were kidnapped, and drained of their power, which would lead you to the Overpowered legendary Giratina, well… In Platinum they did

  6. Holy shit am I glad that I stopped playing after gen 2. What happened? They look progressively worse. A flaming monkey, really? A fat guy with swiggles on his belly? A humanoid bird? Dear god…

    Kids these days really got the ass end of pop culture.

  7. because of all the pokemon stuff you do is what got me into the unreality mag. there are alot of worthless in black i prefer just to train my main up a bunch until i get to the first spot i can get drilbur and then repeat til i get axew.

  8. How are the pixie trio from diamond and pearl not plot significant? Part of the story was having to release them from captivity. They were kind of a big part of Team Galactic’s plan.

  9. Hmm, just about the only thing I’d disagree with is the “Zubat” category. While the aesthetic of Swoobat (and even name) resembles that of Zubat, It’s not nearly common or bothersome enough to replace Zubat. Heck, it’s not even in all of the caves. A closer Zubat replacement, in terms of irritation factor and persistence in shadowing your every step, would be the Boldor line, but since they’re already replacements for Geodude, I would just have to say that Gen V was the first game to lack a true “Zubat.”

    Also, some of the legendary trios *did* have plot significance, such as Gen IV, and Gen II to a small degree.

    Lastly, the “Worthless Piece of Trash” line is ironically named. It is only named such because people never seem to want to use them because of how common they are (and how bland their typing and design is); several of those Pokemon, however, are quite powerful in their respective games, like Raticate. (If we’re talking meta, then yeah, the category name fits, but it fits a lot of Pokemon then…)

  10. I DEFEND RATICATE! I used him in a Nuzlocke and he was a crit happy sweeper! (Meaning he could basically one shot everything for those who haven’t played since Gold/Silver) Raticate ain’t worthless!

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