10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus

Online readers have a diverse genre of books to choose from, and webcomics have been gaining popularity for quite some time. We have become used to seeing everyone tell their version of Greek mythology through movies such as “Clash of the Titans” and “Wrath of the titans.” Webcomics have also not been left behind, and “Lore Olympus” retells The Abduction of Persephone in a fascinating manner that has attracted millions of readers. Let’s learn more facts about the popular webcomic.

1. It was a nominee of the 2019 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards

The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards have recognized the creativity in American comic books since 1988. Since it is compared to an Academy Awards for the film industry, being nominated alone is a great achievement. Lore Olympus was among the nominees for the 2019 awards in the category of Best Web Comic. It was nominated along with other four webcomics, but the prize went to Sophia Yanow’s “The Contradictions.”

2. What inspired the vertical scrolling format?

Rachel revealed to The Mary Sue, what made her choose to tell the story using vertical format. According to her, readers have different needs, and Rachel was going for a setup that varies the effects. Therefore she felt vertical scrolling would facilitate readers to expand and condense panels as need be. Moreover, the format released some pressure in typesetting. Further, Rachel thinks that with vertical scrolling formats, she can make use of the element of surprise to tell an important part of the story. The full screen and panel enable her storytelling to have a more significant visual impact on the readers.

3. It was initially posted on the Canvas

Any artist looking to have a broad audience without any extra cost knows that Canvas is the best platform. It enables artists with great potential to connect to readers worldwide since it is an open and free platform. Rachel also found Canvas to be the best tool to get her story to millions of readers. She, therefore, opted to post “Lore Olympus” on the Canvas instead of a private domain. She realized her objective of targeting millions of readers and Webtoon made her a featured artist. With the newfound position, Rachel decided to give readers a reboot, and the success story continues.

4. It will become an animated series

Webtoon has recently been hitting the headlines with deals on animated series. It has partnered with Crunchyroll, an anime streaming service, to develop and produce animated content based on what Webtoon has to offer. “Lore Olympus” has also captured another company’s attention; the Jim Henson Company wants to adapt the comic into an animated series targeting young adults. As reported by Newsarama, the firm’s director of television said “Lore Olympus” will fit well with the tradition of outstanding fantasy storytelling.

5. It tackles modern day issues

Most people have of late come forward to accuse sexual abuse perpetrators of sexual assault, although the problem has been plaguing the society since time immemorial. Victims suffer in silence, choosing to keep their pristine public image instead of making the abusers pay for their heinous act. Rachel wanted to use the webcomic to tackle the issue of sexual assault, and she does it through Apollo. On her twitter, Rachel warned readers that the upcoming episodes would contain sexual trauma themes that would upset some people. She was right to be concerned because, on Tumblr, Natalie, who loves Apollo, said that Apollo would never molest a woman. According to Natalie, as much as Rachel wants to talk about toxic masculinity, Apollo should not have been the character chosen to portray the vice.

6. It is the leading series on Webtoon

According to Reddit, Lore Olympus is the highest-ranking Webtoon with a subscriber count of 2.6 million. The post goes ahead to explain that the ranking depends on the number of subscribers and likes per chapter. It even reveals that there is a secret ranking which ranks series with fewer chapters higher.

7. How much it makes for Rachel

As much as Rachel loved comics from an early age, now she has bills to pay, and with her creativity, “Lore Olympus” is easing the burden. Rachel went on Twitter to urge her readers to help her make more money by becoming patrons. Line Webtoon and Patreon partnered with content creators such that whenever creators reach a minimum subscriber and readership count, they get more financial benefits. For an artist to get $1,000 per month, he will need 50,000 page views and 20,000 subscribers. With more readers becoming patrons to their favorite artists, Rachel could make at least $100,000 every month.

8. Its creator

Rachel Smythe admitted to being fascinated by Greek mythology from a young age and used “Lore Olympus” to help tell her version of the classical myth. She describes herself as an angry woman and folklorist from New Zealand who specializes in digital storytelling. While “Lore Olympus” is what has made her famous, Rachel is also the creator of “The Doctor Pepper Show.”

9. It has its line of merchandise

Lovers of “Lore Olympus” who would love to have something remind them of their favorite webcomic can buy some of the merchandise. The products vary from stickers, t-shirts, phone cases, and so many more with a price range that caters to everyone’s budget. For instance, stickers usually go for $2.47, t-shirts and phone cases range between $19 and $25, shower curtains cost about $54 while a framed print will have you parting with $111.48.

10. The dream cast for Lore Olympus according to Rachel Smythe

Rachel finds it hard to imagine the characters of her comic as real people. However, she still has a few people in her mind, whom she thinks would make for a great cast. Rachel believes that the role of Hades could go to Justin Baldoni since he has the right shoulders. She would also consider Constantine Markoulakis or Mad Mikkelsen for the Hades character. As for Zeus, then Billy Zane would be ideal because Rachel believes despite his charm, he still can assume a despicable character. Tonia Sotiropoulou would fit in the role of Hera while Rachel opines that Jason Mantzoukas has the chaotic energy to be Poseidon.

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