Level 1 Human

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Having children is probably still a ways off for me, but when I do, you can bet they’re going to have this shirt, complete with bunny crest.

I’m not sure what “Con” is, though I’m betting “Chr” is Charm, which is why it’s so high. Only two HP? He could get one-shot by anything! Though I suppose as a baby, that would be true.

In any case, this is fantastic. I can’t find a seller link, but I’ll get back to you if I can.

[via NerdApproved]

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  1. Yeah, I was going to put on my nerd glasses and tell you “con” is constitution as well. Great shirt, if you find a link I would totally buy one for my kid 🙂

  2. Well.. A wizard (in my time) had, at most, between 1 and 6 HPs… (1d4 + con adjustment).. so.. 2 HPs does not seem too much out of place there! heheh

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