Kirby Gets Pissed Off When Crossing Oceans


The guys over at GameRevolution noticed something pretty interesting when comparing Japanese and American box art of various Kirby games over the years.

When he makes the jump across the pond, his demeanor changes from “ball of sunshine” to “ball of intense hatred,” and I can’t quite figure out why.

Don’t people like Kirby when he’s happy and cute? Although I suppose when you’re a pink ball, you’re still pretty cute when you’re angry. Maybe he’s just pissed off about arriving in America where most people only know him as the cheapest Super Smash Bros character?





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  1. “Angry” Kirby makes the character more compelling than “Happy” Kirby. It’s a difference between cultures in what is sought from the protagonist.

  2. Ha, this is old but it’s cool to see again.

    Yea-I will always know Kirby as my first favorite VG char (back with the release of KD on the originial GB) and my favorite of all time-I was so hyped for his return at E3. Shame on those who only know him from SSB 🙂 >:-(

  3. I think it’s to give Kirby an air of “badass”. Frankly, many Americans just don’t grok the whole “happy Japanese” thing and I don’t think that sort of thing is appealing to a lot of gamers.

    The American Kriby at least gives the feeling of intense concentration on Kirby’s part. On the Japanese one it just looks kind of gay. I’m not going to lie.

  4. Wow, so someone finally passed purberty and realized what the rest of us gamers realized a very, very, long time ago. Maybe Nintendo finally gave you access to their press site on both sides of the pond and you downloaded all their high-res images and needed an excuse to find them?

    Well, regardless of the reason, thank you for giving me as good laugh tonight, a nice walk down memory lane for when I was about 20, a fat-ass loser nerd and this was actually something I’d want everyone to see on Digg. If you’ll excuse me, I have a life to fuck.

    And yes, ban me from this site, so I don’t accidently read another outdated observational column by a wannabe college drop-out journalist.

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