Joss Whedon’s Firefly Reunion Speech


Yeah, I know we’re way after the fact here with Comic-Con, but I couldn’t let this sit in my “to-do” box forever.

It’s from the Firefly reunion panel where the entire cast was reassembled on stage for the first time in a long time. Joss is asked to say a word to his fans, and he manages to get a standing ovation before he can even say a word.

When he does finally talk, what he has to say is rather touching, and I’ll let him speak for himself. Watch above.

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  1. This is what a “failed” show does to people, eh? Unbelievable how FOX managed to so epically flub something so awesome that was placed in their laps.

  2. Yeah i wish it was the entire cast but unfortunately it was more like barely half the cast showed up. I bet if it was the entire cast it would have been a more epic panel.

  3. trashcanman it’s very believable. FOX and every other network and to a larger extent all the big movie studios are run by people with no creativity and this is why great shows get cancelled or mismanaged and we end up with the cheap to produce “reality” shows on every channel.

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