Jessica Nigri’s Mortal Kombat

Now that Jessica Nigri has partnered with 12 North Photography, she’s been assured a permanent place in the cosplay hall of fame as she keeps producing memorable shoot after memorable shoot. You’ll recall that a week or two ago 12 North had her roaming around in the wilderness as Skyrim’s Dovahkiin, and now her latest shoot is online.

She’s playing a character that isn’t much of a stretch for her. The blond and voluptuous Sonya Blade would seem to be a logical choice for Nigri, and this new series has her facing off against Mileena and Jade from Mortal Kombat, and it’s less of a photoshoot and more of a fight club.

None of the costumed ladies are afraid to get (fake) bloody and (pretend) battered, and as such it’s a pretty damn cool series. Check out the full gallery below:

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  1. @slashmastah

    In my book any blonde chick with tight pants and a combat vest that’ll mash her chest up to her chin can call herself anything she wants.

    *Adds a little bit of oil to the mix*

    We got ourselves a stew goin, baby!

  2. Still wicked unimpressed. As soon as she’s able to “cosplay” in something that doesn’t look like a bargain bin, Frederick’s of Hollywood Halloween costume, I may think different. For now she’s just kindof meh. If that.

  3. I am pretty impressed that her boobs are prominent in just about every picture. She knows her strengths and sticks to ’em, so you can’t really knock her. She may as well milk the geek genre for all its worth. The only ones to knock are the salivating white knight fan boys that buy into her.

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