It’s Always Sunny in Pacific Rim

I didn’t realize that Charlie Day was in Pacific Rim until just now, as I wasn’t exactly sure what the hell Always Sunny had to do with the movie. Day plays some sort of comedic relief scientist-type I believe, and because of that, it’s allowed someone to mash-up his FX show with the Del Toro movie coming out shortly.

It’s short, but funny, and makes me miss Always Sunny. Really glad to see Day getting a lot of movie work these days, as he definitely deserves it.

I’m still unsure if Pacific Rim will pan out, but I have high hopes based on the reviews and general vibe so far. Also, in addition to Day is stars Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), Stringer Bell (Idris Elba) and GLaDOS (literally, GLaDOS).

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  1. He also looks an awful lot like J.J. Abrams in this movie, at least from what the ads have shown. Look forward to his particular weird energy being injected into a movie like this.

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