Memorable Singing Scenes from Science Fiction Movies

Science Fiction Movies

If there’s one genre of film I love, it’s science fiction.  If there are two genres I love, they are science fiction and musicals.  So you can imagine that during the very rare occurrences that there is an actual musical scene in a science fiction movie (or, I suppose, the more frequent occurrence of a science fiction musical), I’m simply giddy.  Not all science fiction has to be gritty or bleak – just read some Vonnegut to see why – and a good musical number in a science fiction movie is, for me, almost always entertaining.

It wasn’t easy – especially since I tried my best to avoid scenes from science fiction musicals – but I compiled some great clips of singing scenes from science fiction movies.  Check them out below.

The Diva from The Fifth Element

She’s got some serious skills.

The National Anthem in Southland Tales

One of these days, I’ll have to review this absolute trainwreck of a movie.  There are, however, some good scenes and some cool concepts, and I do like this rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

Alex DeLarge doing “Singin’ in the Rain” in A Clockwork Orange

Click through to watch the clip.  NSFW, but you should probably know that.

Princess Vespa in Spaceballs

It’s amazing how well this comedy holds up today, but you can say that about almost all of Mel Brooks’ movies.  This isn’t a big musical number or anything, but it’s a quick, funny scene that does involve some singing.

Mac singing Little Richard’s “Long Tall Sally” in Predator

Look, it wasn’t easy coming up with examples of singing in science fiction movies, but dammit, Mac is doing his best to belt out some Little Richard, and for that he deserves credit.

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  1. You know the Diva from FIfth element was actually a real opera singers voice, not computer generated or anything.
    Thought I’d mention it, since you said only an alien could sing that 😛

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