“It’s a Beautiful Day Out. Yesterday, I Saw a Deer.”

glados deer

(click for humongous wallpaper size)

GLaDOS uttered many memorable lines throughout Portal 2, but a few stick with you after the fact. One involves GLaDOS telling you she spotted a deer outside just yesterday, hinting that the world is fine and dandy up above on the surface, when that’s very likely not to be the case.

But in reality, she’s quoting a famed science fiction story from Robert F. Young, The Dandelion Girl. In the book the line “”Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you,” is repeated several times.

As for this fantastic wallpaper image above? I don’t know the artist, but I’m guessing they were inspired by The Iron Giant for the layout. This is just an amalgam of three great pieces of sci-fi, and it should probably be your new desktop background.


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