If Picasso Were To Paint Superheroes

When you think of artists like Picasso you generally think of them as being hundreds and hundreds of years ago.   Picasso is the one guy I always forget lived until 1973.  Yes, Picasso was part of the 70s!   Know what the means?  It means he probably got to watch Batman on TV.   It means he had a chance to read comics if he so chose to.

And it means that somewhere lurking in the Picasso shadows might be some funny superhero art.   I mean it’s highly doubtful but wouldn’t that be pretty funny?  In the meantime we’ll have to settle for this stuff.   Design company WonderBros made these awesome superheroes in the style of famous painter Pablo Picasso. They’ve even said that these “artworks are so awesome it will melt your face off.”

Check out the pictures after the jump….

Thanks to My Modern Met for the photos

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