Benny’s New Website: Gamemoir!


Frequent readers will know and love our own Benny Bedlam, and I’m proud to announce today that she’s launched her own site! In addition to her duties here (she ain’t leaving!), she’ll be running Gamemoir, a gaming site entirely devoted to editorials, free of fluff news or biased reviews. All editorials all the time. As she explains it:

“Gamemoir is a website dedicated to publishing thought provoking editorials about video games, and our culture and lifestyle as gamers. We don’t publish news and reviews, because seriously we have IGN and a million other sites for that. We encourage content that opens our readers’ eyes to aspects and themes in video games that they might have missed.”

I think it’s a cool idea to have an entirely editorial-based site, and Benny is in good company with co-founder Stephen Daly of Gameranx writing as well. You might even see a piece there from me from time to time. And lastly, I believe it’s pronounced “Game-Mwarrr,” if it was giving you trouble.

Best of luck to Benny with the new venture.  Head on over and read their first few articles.

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  1. Thanks Nick and to everyone here at Unreality! I hope you guys enjoy the site. We still have a lot more articles coming out from Monday to Friday.

    We’ll have guest posts from people in the video game industry too!

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