Steampunk Iron Man With a Tragic Backstory


Just when we thought Steampunk couldn’t be any more amazing, this incredible depiction of Iron Man arrives.  This version of Iron Man is the work of artist Anthony Jones.  What’s even more special is this  backstory for his art on his tumblr account:

After donating his heart to save his only son Jarvis, Jarvis devoted his life to engineering to bring his father back to life. Picking up his father’s work, he found an alternative power source that could bring him back. Preserving his body in a deep freeze incubator, Jarvis spent 10 years of his young adult life to engineer a mechanized suit using the power of steam to breathe life to his father.

Introducing Gentlemen Stark.

Here’s to hope that Anthony Jones does the entire Iron Man saga.  Amazing work!

Click on the pic for full resolution

(Concept Art World via io9)

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