If Harry Potter Was an Anime

…it would be pretty freaking lame.

Sorry, but as much as I appreciate many different art forms and routinely feature them on the site, I really have the least respect for anime. Its characters are too cookie cutter, and there are barely even distinctions between gender, as everyone looks like some sort of prepubescent alien with giant eyes.

It’s kind of interesting to see the cast of Harry Potter rendered this way, but when young Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy are the hottest girls pictured, I get a bit worried.

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  1. Heh, it would be Potter as usual then? =)

    But seriously, there’s more than shounen/shoujou stuff when it comes to manga. Just take a look at titles such as Homunculus, Historie, Soil, Vinland Saga, Akumetsu, Saijou no Meii and others for “experimental psychology”, “historical interpretation”, horror, historical fiction, political anti-heroes and politics in Japanese health care.

    I haven’t watched anime in a long time, but Kemonozume is certainly not of such an art style. =P

  2. You’re also being pretty ethnocentric here in your criticism, assuming your culture’s way of doing things is the best.

    If you look at the “Hot” celebrity men in America and then look at the “Hot” celebrity men in Japan, you’d see a big difference.

    Like Kloot above me said, there’s more to anime than shounen/shoujou stuff, you just have to want to find it.
    Just like there’s more to american cinema (thankfully) than explosions and boobs, you just have to want to find it. It’s easy to point at weaknesses, especially in something you don’t like. It’s much harder to point out strengths.

  3. Thats it. I am now abandoning this blog. I’ve been following unreality for about a year and it’s been going down hill as of late. The shitty art, the bad sense of humor, the bizarre celebrity commentary and now, the most simple minded take on anime I have ever heard. Fuck you unreality, I loved you man!

  4. Yeah, Ghost in the Shell, Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, every Studio Ghibli film ever, Death Note, Excel Saga, and a thousand other titles that blow American animation out of the water are unimpressive pieces of crap. Riiiiiiiiight. Turn off your DBZ and Pokemon marathons and watch some REAL anime before you form an opinion on it, guys. Anime is nearly as deep a genre as film is. What that kind of uninformed commentary brings to mind is somebody who has only watched romantic comedies complaining that all the characters in American films are too cookie cutter or hearing two death metal bands and then saying all rock music sounds the same. Well, yeah. If you only look at crap, I suppose it’s natural to assume that’s all that’s out there. But do try and post opinions on things you have knowledge of. I know this is the internet and we’re all free to makes asses of ourselves with baseless opinions at will, but this is a fine site and I’m just offering some constructive criticism to make it better. Leave the commentary on a given topic to people with knowledge of said topic and everyone will be happier.

  5. Yeah, Snape does look like too girly, but Lucius is of a certain breed called Bishounen, that is, beautiful man/boy thing. As he’s the prettiest thing there it also represents his evilness^^. My 2 pence.

  6. @ Juan
    Even design wise, they put in a lot more effort than most western cartoons.
    And you’re painting the whole medium with a large brush. Try Monster or Evangelion (If you want a mind-screw) or Death Note. And the styles actually vary a lot between artists, not to mention genres.

    Also, you do realise Avatar Last Airbender has similarities to Anime right? And western cartoons aren’t largely cookie cutter? They only distinguish characters by big features.

  7. Man, have you ever watched any anime series? If you haven’t you aren’t qualified to criticise them, there are a heck alot of good anime/manga out there and they can be pretty well-written, I remember sobbing my heart out when reading Ai Ren >> (man, that was one hella depressing manga, had to cover my mouth so my grandparents/mother couldn’t hear me), scare the shit outta you like Elfen Lied anime, make you laugh like B Shock (manga) or wondering half the time what the hell you’re watching like Ergo Proxy.

    Anyways, heres a list I recommend you watch (to Paul Tassi or whoever)

    Really Recommended: Full Metal Panic all seasons (1, fumoffu and 2).
    1. Ergo Proxy
    2. Monster
    3. Bakemonogatari
    4. Evangelion
    5. The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

    1. Vinland Saga
    2. Ai Ren(if you like romance)
    3. Hajime no Ippo (Boxing Manga)
    4. Historie
    5. Gantz

    I got thousands of recommendations but I think its best if you start with these, oh and make sure you get subbed, not dubbed (dubs are horrendous as hell). Oh and also, these recommendations don’t have your typical girly guys, the thing your complaining about mostly appears in Shoujo anime/manga (anime/manga for girls) and they tend to be yaoi (gay romance/porn).

  8. Look I watch anime just as hard as most of you, but he does have a point and a funny one at that. Most animes do have pretty boy antagonists and protagonists and the females look damn near the same other than the outfit their wearing. Don’t get me wrong shows like cowboy bebop and ghost in the shell stand out as classics because they have a great story and the characters have their own identities. Where as with this and some final fantasy games he boys look like girls and act like bitches, Hope I’m looking at you. Even in Gantz some of the male and female characters look alike.

    No ones saying one art style is better, but calling a spade a spade and getting mad about it doesn’t work people!

  9. One, the writer of this article is not only narrow minded, he is outright ignorant and indolent. There is so much more depth and quality in a lot of anime series’ and movies than to the majority of redundant hollywood movie releases. As pointed out above, the sheer attention to detail and story telling of real good animes like Evangelion and Code Geass etc, and not trashy ones like Yugi-oh gx, and others, is really mind blowing. Can you say the same for the romcoms and retarded recent comedy/action films that feature the Rock or the less funny-version of Will Ferrell? I guess this kind of shallow redneck intellect is a tell tale sign that the US will be in the dumps soon.

  10. @Blackronin357
    Maybe not extremely masculine protagonists, but I disagree that most look like women/girls. Most of the series I have watched recently you can clearly distinguish between the two.
    Also, while Hope wasn’t Macho, he wasn’t exactly hard to distinguish gender-wise

  11. WHAT?!? Harry Potter has a good right to be turned into an anime!!!! The people that create anime make the american animation CRAP!!!! Have you seen how DBZ was amazing in animation then what the americans did to it? If there is a Death Note one i would kill them all!!! but since they may do an animation of Harry Potter then it would make it popular still!!!! animation KEEPS the population of Harry Potter lovers up and may increase it!!!

  12. As u can see by my name above, I love Harry potter and anyone who disses it in any way is dead to me. UNREALITY IS DEAD TO ME NOW. And I love anime too it’s awesome I saw this site looking at Harry potter anime on google images lol

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