How To Play SNES ROMS On Your PC

There is nothing as fascinating and exciting as turning your computer into a haven for your favorite games. During the recent times, a number of changes terms of improvements have been carried out on the Super Nintendo Entertainments system (SNES), adding in more sophistication and more entertainment. What is more, you can choose to play the games right from the comfort of your computer. Outlined below are basic guidelines to help you enjoy your SNES games on your computer.

Getting Started

In any game of emulation, there are two specific elements that make your game experience both realistic and functional.these are the game ROMs and an emulator. SNES ROMs here, refer to a file copy of your game that can be located in your computer, while an emulator is the software application that is necessary for you to play the ROM files . so to start with:

1. Find A Suitable Emulator

Getting any emulator is as easy as they come, but finding one that best suits your needs can be a bit tricky, as there are many options. In this case, it also depends on the platform you are using. For instance, there some emulators that perform well on Windows and Mac OS, while others may not function as well. It helps to be inquisitive about which is the best application for your type of OS.

  • Depending on your operating system, you can pick and download the best version of your emulator. A good example of downloadable emulators that are available to you include SNES9X, Nestopia, and Sega Consoles.
  • Create your favorite destination SNES folder for your emulator on the hard drive. Within this main SNES folder, create another folder for your selected ROM files. This organization task helps you to manage your emulators and ROMs in a tidy manner, but you can also easily locate them quickly, as need arises.

2. Download Your ROMs

Your options are either the Official or the Homebrew ROMs. Whichever you choose, you can search through the web from recommended sites and easily make your download. Ensure to store them in the destination folder for ROMs on your hard drive.

3. Start Playing The Game

Once you have got all that is needed, in terms of the best emulator for your Operating system, as well as having downloaded the SNES ROMs here, you are now set. If you are a complete newbie, a number of easy steps are followed to help you start playing.

  • Ensure that the ROMs are in the ROM folder, while the emulators in their separate folder as well.
  • Once this is done, you can open up the emulator.
  • On your emulator, click on the file’ s dropdown menu to select “Load Game”.Another quick option to get you moving is to click the speed key CTRL+O.
  • The options for your ROM files pop at that point and it remains up to you to select and load a game which will then start playing.
  • There is then no need to keep browsing for the next game as the emulator automatically remembers and picks the cue to pick the files for the ROM files by itself without you to browse.

4. Additional Settings

This includes the configuration of the controller which then allows you to set up controls that you feel comfortable with while playing. The instructions for any needed customization are right on your emulator.

To be able to do this, click on “input “ and then a drop-down menu that pops up. Click on “Input configuration”; the speed key for this option is Alt+F7; a new window will automatically pop, which allows you to customize the controls.

The most important rule here is to ensure that by the time you are done, the box backgrounds will be white. You notice that all the instructions regarding each color that comes up are right there on the screen and it’s up to you to follow the right cue.


The critical steps for your SNES games are finding an emulator that suits your type of operating system; once done, choose the ROMs that give you the best game experience. Memorizing speed keys helps you to quickly configure and customize your game controls.

Some people find the defaults quite sufficient to work with, while others would want to make necessary modifications; it does not really matter. Just make the needed adjustments which will ultimately give you the perfect experience.

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