How to Get the Wiggler Head in Monster Hunter World

Sometimes, the hunters that one runs into while playing Monster Hunter World can be very strange-looking. For instance, some players might remember running into other players wearing what looks like the head of a Wiggler, which are Endemic Life creatures based on the spotted garden eel. Said individuals were wearing something called the Wiggler Head Alpha  that can be picked up by completing a mission called Wiggle Me This.

Why Would You Want the Wiggler Head?

There are a number of reasons why someone would want the Wiggler Head Alpha. First and foremost, it is fun. Yes, the Wiggler Head Alpha is ridiculous-looking. However, some players will get great enjoyment from facing down the toughest monsters that can be found in the game while wearing said helmet as a way of showing off their skill, particularly if they still remember the times when they struggled against such challenges. For that matter, there are plenty of players who embrace a touch of silliness when costuming their player-characters, thus making the Wiggler Head Alpha a perfectly viable choice.

Moving on, the Wiggler Head Alpha has one skill on it, which happens to be Wide-Range. As a result, it can make a decent choice for a player who wants a support build. For those who are unfamiliar, Wide-Range is pretty much exactly what it sounds like in that it will extend the effect of certain items when consumed to allies who are within range. Since these items include the most common choices for buffs, this means that someone with the Wiggler Head Alpha can keep their team-mates in top monster-hunting condition throughout the entire hunt. Something that can make for a world of difference when it comes to performance.

Having said that, interested individuals are going to want to have a maxed-out Wide-Range skill for the best results. On its own, the Wiggler Head Alpha will provide two stacks of the skill, which will provide 33 percent of the effect of consumed items to allies within a wider radius than just one stack of the skill. For the best effect, interested individuals are going to need three more stacks, which will provide 100 percent of the effect of consumed items to allies within a much wider radius. They have a number of options for this. For example, they can get a Friendship Charm III, which will provide them with another three stacks on its own. Likewise, they can check their decorations to see if they have enough Friendship Jewels, which will provide one stack each. Besides these options, interested individuals might also want to look into the Commission Jacket as well as various pieces of armor from the Empress, the Tzitzi, the Lavasioth, and the Kulve Taroth sets.

On a final note, it should be mentioned that the Wiggler Head Alpha is available to interested individuals on a limited time basis. As a result, there are bound to be players who want it because they want to complete their collection.

How Can You Get the Wiggler Head?

Fortunately, getting the Wiggler Head Alpha is a pretty simple and straightforward process. So long as the Wiggle Me This mission is available, they can complete it to get their hands on either one or more Wiggler Tickets. If they are lucky, they can meet the requirements with a single completion. In contrast, if they are not lucky, they might need to run it a maximum of three times. Once interested individuals have enough Wiggler Tickets, it is just a matter of using them plus four Shamos Hides +, four Gajau Scales, and three Coral Bones to make the Wiggler Head Alpha. So long as they are at high-rank, they should have no problems getting their hands on these materials whatsoever.

As for completing Wiggle Me This, this process is pretty simple and straightforward as well. Basically, they need to capture 10 Wigglers. Chances are good that interested individuals already know where these Endemic Life creatures can be found. However, if they could use a refresher, they should head to either Camp 1 or Camp 11. If they choose to head to Camp 1, they can jump off before heading either left or right to see a nest of Wigglers. In contrast, if they choose to head to Camp 11, they can come upon a nest of Wigglers just outside of the camp entrance and exit. Besides these two locations, there are Wigglers in section 3 as well, though to be perfectly honest, there is no need to go after these Wigglers when their counterparts are already available.

Catching Wigglers can be a bit complicated for interested individuals with no previous experience. This is because these Endemic Life creatures will head underground when players spook them by moving towards them. As such, there are a couple of solutions for this particular problem. First, players can crouch down before approaching the Wigglers in a slow but steady manner. Second, players can just put on the Ghillie Mantle, which will make them invisible to the Wigglers in the same way that it makes them invisible to everything else. Once interested individuals are in range, they can just use the Capture Net to capture the targets for the completion of their mission.

Further Thoughts

On a final note, it should be mentioned that there is a layered armor version of the Wiggler Head as well. Basically, layered armor means that the armor will take on the appearance of the Wiggler Head but retain the capabilities of the armor piece that the player is wearing. As a result, layered armor is definitely something that players should look into if they want a particular costume but are too concerned about their stats to actually go ahead with it.

In any case, this is important because it means that someone running around with a Wiggler head isn’t necessarily someone with a support build. Yes, it is possible that they have the Wiggler Head Alpha on so that they can buff their team-mates, thus making it that much easier for other players to focus on damage-dealing duties. However, it is perfectly possible that they just like the look, meaning that interested individuals shouldn’t make too many assumptions about what other players are going to do until they have had the time to make some more observations. Otherwise, they could wind up walking into a fight while under-buffed. Something that can be particularly painful if they are taking on some of the toughest monsters that can be found in the game.

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