Happy 25th Birthday NES! – A Gallery of Original Nintendo Mods

So the Nintendo Entertainment System turns 25 today, making it two years older than me. Yes, it might not have been MY first system (that honor actually goes to the N64 years later), but I know it holds a special place in many of your hearts, and it even holds up over time, though the gamers of today might not understand the concept of having “lives.”

Mario, Zelda, Samus and a million other classic characters found their start here, it really was the home console that set the industry in motion to get us where we are today. I may make a lot of jokes at the expense of the Wii, but Nintendo IS the quintessential console company, and whatever they do, it’s usually going to drive the industry forward in some way.

To celebrate it’s big birthday, I’ve assembled a gallery of pretty cool Nintendo mods you can check out below.















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  1. I was born in ’90 and my first system was the NES. 😛 my parents were video games junkies.. They couldn’t handle the switch to 3D though so they stopped playing at the n64. 🙁 I still try to get my dad to play mario kart with me and my bro but.. he hates it.

  2. Happy 25th Birthday NES!

    I didn’t actually own one of these little gems until the late 90s
    but coming off of an Atari 2600– what an amazing system!
    I can still remember going halfway across town just to pick up
    A Nightmare on Elm St. just so I could try out the 4-player mode.
    Plus I got a Game Genie the same day from my cousin complete with a huge book of cheats! What fun!

    After that it only took me like 3 hours to beat Freddy…
    but then I discovered what I could do to Super Mario
    Moonwalk forever man, that’s all I can say lol 🙂

    Thanks for the memories Nintendo,
    and I think I owe you a coke!

  3. you should watch the angry video game nerd on one of his nes game tirades he has a nes that is toaster turned system and to turn it on you press down the lever you use to toast the bread… it’s hilarious.

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