A Gallery That Proves You Can Be Anyone in Soul Calibur V

I’m still in the process of trying to rent Soul Calibur V (c’mon Plurent! Hurry up!), but so far I’ve heard not so great things about it. The story mode is supposedly lackluster, and I don’t understand why it’s gone backwards in terms of quality over the years.

But one thing the game does do right is its fantastic character creator that allows you to literally create¬†absolutely¬†anyone under the sun from any movie, show or other game title. They’re not exact replicas obviously, but given the tools you have to work with, it’s pretty amazing how many recognizable characters you can bring to life.

There’s a full gallery of some of the best ones below, taken from here, and I can imagine myself spending hours playing around with this instead of fighting.

Mai, Cammy, Chun Lie, Starfox, Abe Lincoln and more on the next page.

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  1. Soul Calibur 5 has a really short, easy story, that I completed the same afternoon I bought it. It’s got a cool enough idea but is too short to be anything other than practice.

    The online play is more the focus, as the game manufacturers clearly recognised that the appeal of fighting games is playing other people, either with 2 controllers or online. So the character creator is awesome, and the online play is great too.

    Don’t expect a Skyrim, just a solid fighting game.

    *On a side note, check out Robbaz vid on this game it’s hilarious. I’m not linking it, just google Robbaz and select the first result and it’ll play

  2. Honestly, other than a lackluster story mode (which I found to be enjoyable nonetheless), the game is absolutely excellent. The combat is up there with SC2, easily.

  3. Looks fun, but I never had the chance to buy this game and play it yet. If I do, then the character creation mode is something I will keep in mind.

    I see you modeled the Fox McCloud here after his Star Fox Assault design. That’s fine with me.

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