A Gallery of Gorgeous Halo Fan Art

When I wrote about how I prefer action games to shooters, I noted that the Halo series stood out from most first person shooters due to its unique, colorful design.  Indeed, the lush landscapes, bright purple needles fired from needlers, and flashy energy swords are eye candy.  Whether or not that has anything to do with many gamers’ obsession with the Halo series, I have no idea, but it does lend itself to fantastic source material for some gorgeous fan art.  It’s not like we see a lot of aesthetically-pleasing Modern Warfare 2 fan art, right?

Below, check out some of the best-looking pieces of Halo fan art that I could find.  Click on any image to enlarge.

*above image by adonihs

Halo Killtrocity by Broly1337

Halo: Reach – Noble Six by Rahll

Halo Reach – Is Lunchtime by ruspiee

Halo – The Flood by Kamino185

Halo Reach: Noble Team by Justinian84

Aliens vs. Halo by Rahll

Halo: Master Chief by KadaverRamirez

Halo by Cheta011

Halo wings by majin45

Halo and Goodbye by Monkey-Mafia

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