Guilty Pleasures: My Embarrassing TV Habits

The Supersizers Go…


Why keep it secret, why keep it safe? … I mean, can you really imagine me sidling up to the water cooler and asking my colleagues if they caught the latest epi of the food reality show starring two British personalities who have no crossover hits here in America? Well I can, because I tried it and it did not go over well.

Food critic Giles Coran and comedian Sue Perkins host this show exploring the foods and customs from different periods in Britain’s history. Every episode is pretty much the same: they wear period costumes, eat some disgusting food, eat the time period’s rich-people food (the rich always ate well, surprise surprise), drink ALOT, get a little ill, and get a doctor’s checkup at the end of it all.

The thing that keeps bringing me back is Giles’ and Sue’s ridiculous chemistry. They often pretend to be a married couple on the show, though they play for different teams in real life. Or is the same team? Is it Team Straight and Team Gay? Or are they both on Team Ladies?

Whatever. The point is, I never thought I’d ship real people, but they just seem so married. They’re delightful, and I could watch them hang out and eat gross stuff with each other all day long.

Honorable mention: Suburgatory


This show has a million actors I love from other series, including Firefly, SNL, Law and Order, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Weeds. I didn’t give it a full entry because I think it’s actually migrating out of guilty pleasure territory and leaning more towards legitimate awesomesauce. Seriously, give it a go. Because Wash, if nothing else.

How about you guys? Any guilty TV pleasures to get off your collective chest?

PS. Here’s Drunk Uncle and Peter Drunklage over at Hulu.

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  1. I don’t watch it myself but I have never heard 1 negative thing about Revenge.
    My mom is obsessed with it, her friends, most of my Facebook friends…it’s like me with Game of Thrones (except a person can proudly admit to watching Game of Thrones – heck, you’re looked down on if you don’t watch it! *at least by me)

  2. I love it when people refer to actors from nerd shows as the characters they played from that show rather than their given name. The wife is in love with Revenge, but i haven’t watched it. I heard it use the word “revengey” once and am still not sure if I’m pleased that Buffyspeak is now mainstream or horrified that they don’t seem to get that it’s supposed to be used at least semi-ironically. I enjoy the hell out of Once Upon a Time. Yeah, the kid is lame and stupid, but damn it, Red Riding Hood is a werewolf! A WEREWOLF! Shut up and take my viewership.

  3. Weekly update should just be its own show, it’s allmost the whole reason why I watched SNL and I know other people who despise it for taking up such a big section.

  4. Hating new SNL has become the cool thing to do, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who still watches. It certainly has its misses, but it always has. Personally I think the last few years have been the best since the late 90s.

    1. Context is key. There’s a time and place for everything, and I don’t think Drunk Uncle works on an arena stage, they’re right about that. That being said, I find Opie & Anthony to be incredibly annoying.

  5. My guilty pleasure is the Resident Evil movies. The first few were fairly good, and at least entertaining, but the last couple were just awful films. I still enjoyed them though, brainless as they are.

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