Giving the Rest of The Office Cast Their Spin-Offs

It’s no secret that The Office would appear to be getting close to the end of its almost decade long run. Season eight guest boss James Spader has announced he’s leaving the show, which comes in the wake of two more cast members who are probably departing.

Mindy Kaling (Kelly) has her own new show in the works as her contract is up this year, and Rainn Wilson is supposedly getting his own Dwight-only Schrute Farms spin-off shortly.

So before the show dies piece by piece, let’s just kill it in one fatal blow. Let’s say that modern times has finally caught up with Dunder Mifflin at last, and the paper company goes belly up as everyone switches to digital. What possible character spin-offs could we milk from this destruction? Hey, if there are enough of them, one or two are bound to work, right?

Social Media Workspace 2.0

I’ll start with perhaps my favorite idea, as it’s one close to home. Ryan hasn’t done much in say, the last four seasons, but my favorite arc of his was in season four when he became Michael’s boss and attempted to bring Dunder Mifflin in the 21st century with unlimited amounts of hip business jargon and website portals.

I think seeing Ryan exit Dunder Mifflin and land at a “hip tech startup” in Silicon Valley or New York would make for a hilarious show premise. With his earlier portrayal, he perfectly captured the types of people who often work in those companies, and had one of my old “new media” bosses down to a tee.

Dim Girl, Bright City

Erin is the best new addition to the show in years, and would deserve to live on as a character. I tried to think of the most awkward place to put such an innocent girl, and decided that after Dunder Mifflin’s collapse she’d land in Las Vegas where she would work as a waitress at a strip club.

I just think it would be inherently hilarious to drop her in with some of the lowest lifes out there, both male and female, and watch her be completely oblivious to all the shadiness that surrounds her as she takes on her new jobs with the kind of cheerful enthusiasm she always has.

Retail Hell

As Andy would suffer the greatest from the branch shutdown, I could see him going back to one of his former employers, and the place where clearly 90% of his wardrobe is from. I’d set him up managing a J. Crew (or a fake store with a similar name) leading around a staff of misfits similar to the way he does now.

If any of you have worked retail, you know that there’s plenty of comedy gold to be found in a store like this between awful customers and lazy employees alike. He’s already been an incompetent manager once, why can’t he do it again?

Kevin Make Music

After Dunder Mifflin goes under, Kevin never wants to look at another number again, and wants to focus entirely on his music career. He’d be wearing his signature hat the entire time, and I’m guessing he could recruit Darryl to rock out on the keyboard with him. Guest appearances by Andy Bernard whenever his shift at J. Crew allows it.

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  1. The Real Rural Juror starring Toby Flenderson.
    Toby goes from town to town becoming an expert juror. All the while he is trying to find out why every single juror hates him in every town he goes to despite Toby seeming like a stand up guy.

  2. Ive been wanting a creed only show for years. He says the most off the wall stuff, has done so many drugs he cant remember anyones names, and is most likely homeless. A web series where he teaches how to steal and the best places to dumpster dive would be golden. Plus his flashbacks would be ridiculous.

  3. Can we please stop this ‘Dwight is getting a spinoff’ bullshit? Rainn Wilson himself said it was the stupidest idea he had ever heard and it would never work. Why is this rumor not dead?

  4. Idk why everyone hates on the office now. I still think its a solid comedy on tv now a days. I do think they made a mistake having Andy the boss. They should have made Gabe. That guy is hilarious

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